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RE: BitShares: Clarification on recent fears, uncertainty and doubt

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Is there a dev team still working on developing bitshares trading platform? Will there be upgrades to the interface? Not sure if its just me but the trollbox doesn't work either. I don't think it would take much to upgrade the platform to make it more user friendly.



I am using bitshares online exchange and even market explorer not working ,hope it will be solved soon

Hi @cyberblock –Very valid comment and something we have been working on extensively with the community right now. There was some very lit and productive discussions on the telegram bitshares_dex channel yesterday about it, and the fixes should be at core Bitshares level –To provide the strongest foundation before other businesses build on top of the blockchain. There will be worker proposals coming up for multiple fixes and improvements to the Bitshares official faucet (UI). No matter how much anyone can hate on CEX; they do have very slick interfaces allowing a painter and decorator to figure out how to trade. DEX needs to shake off the 'nerdy' image, and reputation for complexity. The right UX/UI will be the biggest step towards achieving this.

Thanks for your response, I love the idea of the decentralized exchange and the fact that there are virtually no maker/taker fees. Centralized exchanges make it hard for small traders to make a profit. I did some trading on bitshares over the last 24 hours and everything is working fine except for the trollbox and the fact that its not very liquid. Ive also recently purchased 100k bitshares. Based on my research it does seem to be quite undervalued at the moment.

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