Bitshares The Sleeping Giant? W/ Stan Larimer

in bitshares •  2 years ago 

Starting out with a bit of tech talk with @Stan Larimer ,the Godfather of Bitshares, about scaling, early Bitshares, and delegated proof of stake. Stan also reveals some mind blowing announcements will happen in January.

Expect Bitshares to explode next year with all the partnerships and assets they are cooking up. This platform has the ability to launch itself up to being a top 5 coin!

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Excited to hear the big announcements for bitshares! 2018 is going to be the year of DPOS crypto.

Stan the man. So entertaining. True is so fun.

@stan. With all these new companies coming into Bitshares with tons of money. Are any of them doing a share drop on Bitshares?

Yes, every one of them is causing the shares you have to double in value
over and over and over...

Is there an official list of the companies joining up with BTS and maybe expectations of their current business volume?

Let's see what they each have to say about themselves.

slighty offtopic, but hey stan, are you aware arisebank seems very shady?

just try to register on their forums.. oh wait. dead link. try banking discussion. register. get an email with a confirmation link.. oh hey.. link is dead. try to register on the developer labs. you can't create an account, no confirmation mail sent. they had aOS for download, but the links.. were dead. (they have since removed that whole page though)

just curious if you're being fooled yourself, or if you're in on it, but either way, PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HURT BITSHARES.

I sure hope I'm wrong, but damn, it has the smell of very elaborate scam all over it..

Oh wow. This should be good. :)

It is always brilliant and will continue to be so

hope this true.... as I have quite a lot of this coin

Very good interview. I agree that any business trying to add Bitcoin as a payment option is going to be shocked that Bitcoin can not handle the number of transactions necessary. Bitshares is has quietly positioned itself to be the savior with their quick transaction times.

Angelshares is a pretty kewl idea-- allowing angel-investing rather than spending the money mining Protoshares on electricity.

Really not sure about his anti-mining comments tho, as you could say mining is the very reason bitcoin keeps climbing in price, and that's been a boon for the whole crypto-marketplace. He'd also need to talk about security, as high difficulty mining creates a rather secure network from attack, whereas not so sure about BitShares, think we'd need to see it surive a rather nasty fall and another subsequent rise before we can fully trust it.

Been there, done that:

I laugh every time I see this chart... "The Great Nickel Depression"

good point on the price, but we mean a fall in security. Remember, bitcoin survived a fork where billions of bitcoins were created in the early early days. they forked to fix it. same with ether. has bitshares had one of those moments? We also mean a crypto-meltdown, we really don't consider ANYTHING in 2017 a crypto meltdown.

everytime I go to OpenLedger I get confused as hell and get a headache.
I'd LOVE to get involved in BitShares and EOS
I'm running low on aspirin.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeah, It's kind of at the Model T stage, but you don't want to go back to a horse.

We need to get more of the top 30+ coins onto the DEX

Sure don't.
Obviously I'm on Steemit...I think that I've pretty much got it figured out.
I use BlockTrades many times daily.
I've also discovered Sola (which openledger is involved with)
wish I could understand OpenLedger though.

(by the way...I heard those Model T's tended to break arms on occasion. I'm somewhat partial to my arm)

Great news. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @stan for doing these interviews. I'm also a holder and promoter of Bitshares.

2018 will be the year of decentralised exchanges. BitShares will be a large part of that.

Who else will be a part of that?

perhaps some semi-decentralised exchanges like COSS.IO and NEXT.Exhange and fully-decentralised exchanges like Etherdelta and Radar Relay.

The time for the 0x-protocol to shine has come.

I think DEXs will gain in popularity as more centralized exchanges are exposed to being bad actors. Tethers might be a great boon for the cause.

cool, but what is a tether?

I've looked at eterhdelta and 0x. Both are exclusively in the ether/erc20 domain. Please correct me if I am wrong.

cool, but do you have any info on the liquidity at Etherdelta and Radar Relay?

Can't say "semi" decentralized makes any sense, to use. Either it's decentralized or it's not, kinda hard to be inbetween-- like being semi-pregnant, no?

Listening now, thx for the interview. BTS holds a great 2018. Thx again.

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