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The world moving from a centralized economy control to more decentralized. Through the invention of crypto as a mean of digital money which will soon dominate the world of exchange of commodity in the real world. Money changed from start of existence of the earth. No doubt that money as a value of exchange, have transcend from Commodity money, Metallic money, Paper money, etc. All these are stages money are been modified in other to be easy access, secure and easy to carry ( portable ).

Commodity money: This is simply a economical system where material things are exchange according to the valve with another material things, well known as commodity exchange. Community money Face difficulties in evaluation and peering.

Metallic money: A money form from durable and and precious metal like gold, sliver, copper, etc which is use as a value of exchange for other commodities. But not portable to carry lager amount.

Paper money : This material of money called paper. This change the look of money from commodity and metal to more portable and value specific of items. But not easily accessible to buy commodity online as the world globalized through the invention of internet.

Now a new phrase of revolution money called the Digital money. This bring about more improvement in accessible, portability, security and durability which is achieve through credit card, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) , online wallets, mobile wallet, desktop wallet and exchange wallet and most important blockchain technology.
Digital decentralized money have given everyone an edge to exchange valve so easy without control of a central body or the Government. Create a freespace investment platform for everyone globally. Now bringing money to be use without country currency recognition . For example someone in China can send bitshares to someone in USA within some second.
Internet have widely grow so huge holding alot of economic system that worth over trillions of dollars. The digital currency have a major role to play in terms of transaction and digital investment which revolve around the ecosystem of internet via blockchain.


What is Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain is a technology based on decentralized and distributed digital ledger that serve as a tool, to record trasactoins across many computers to avoid record to be manipulated retroactively without the manipulation of all subsequent block and collusion of the network. The blockchain allow the partaker to check and audit transaction in a low cost. Blockchain technology is based on exchange of value that can be completed more quickly and in low cost than the traditional system.

Bitshares is a crpytocurrency, decentralized exchange and blockchain platform. The bitshares decentralized exchange platform provides service to user for exchange of crptocurrency and national currency like YEN, USD etc. This service enriches bitshares growth on the crypto market capital and also borrow loan with zero percent interest loan charge on the bitshares platform. It provides users with more flexible, easy, and reduce limitation for users on exchange fee. Website

Bitshares decentralized run on a fast blockchain technology which operate on transaction of the bitshares exchange platform. Bitshares has the largest transaction record of 285million per day compare to other crypto platform and also the fastest blockchain that execute 3300 transactions per second and high speed transaction technology of 3300 transactions per second, built bitshares blockchain to rank first.

What do you think about Decentralized Economy ?

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