Time to get that Bitshares account!

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Hello Steemit!

It looks like one of my old time
favourite games Farmville
(I know, don't judge :P)
is going to have it's own blockchain version
or something similar anyway,
it is early early days
and there isn't much information out on
Bits Farm yet, but I am super excited nonetheless!
here is the link to the official website:

Signing up is easy!


first you will need a Bitshares account

what? you don't have 1 yet?
you can easily create 1 here :

step 2 is to click on my referral link:

so both of us will receive 258 SEED tokens

the last step is to confirm your request/account

in the bits farm telegram group with given code
you can do that here:

From there on you can proceed
inviting more people using your
own referral link
to accumulate more SEED tokens,
they will be dropped to your
Bitshares account in March
when the game launches

Don't hesitate to sign up!

It will cost you no more then
5 minutes of your time
and potentially give you a nice
head-start at a really neat game!
It couldn't be easier!
(here is a clean link to Bits.farm
if you don't wish to use my referral link:
http://ref.bits.farm/index.php/home )

Will update as soon as more news comes out!

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What am i supposed to type once i hit the referral link?


Create a bitshare account first
(Very easy, click the link)

What am i supposed to type when it says bitshares accounts only?


Then put your bitshares accountname
Easy peasy, just follow the steps 1 by 1