Although there are accounts that trade without having any BTS (weird I know), your numbers as we have discussed in telegram are roughly inline with my findings as well.

Good thing is that this way, my 25% increase in userbase is actually quite easy to reach :D

Yeah, I totally agree with you. If you are getting some serious momentum on moving forward with this I would be happy to collaborate. I have a few ideas on how we might optimize the fee schedule. I am not the expert here, but there are several ways one could proceed. First, one really needs to do some research on what other players are doing (we both have a decent start) and get some tentative ideas on what might be the right fees, then one would need to get opinions of the large proxies. If they appear willing to entertain changes, forming a work group with significant players in the community would be the next step. Most of these fee schedules were set before I was active in the community so I don't know all the thinking that went into them.