BitShares' maintenance interval not required on Steem? What about EOS?

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In the BitShares blockchain, every hour there is a maintenance interval where some complex calculations take place. Those calculations are too time consuming to be done by the Delegate (block producer) in the allotted time slot. So every hour there's a small period where some heavier computations take place, bringing the whole system up to date.

I'm wondering why this isn't in Steem? Is there nothing requiring complex computation on the Steem blockchain? What about EOS?

Any techies out there with the answer?

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As I'm aware, STEEM is built on BTS. Looks like the need for the complex calculations isn't a key thing for STEEM it at all.

EOS is built on ETH it should have adopted the ETH maintenance intervals. But as far as I understand, it's not always the case.


Actually, EOS is not built on Ethereum. It's a standalone blockchain. Only their ICO/crowdsale took place on Ethereum. The EOS token is currently an ERC20 on Ethereum but that is only a placeholder token until the EOS chain launches in a few months.


Ups..correct. I've totally messed up their ICO with the actual EOS chain.


Thanks for correcting us ... i also thinks that eos is built on etherium.

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BitShares: PSA Account Creation maintenance over...resteem

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