The Bitshares NFT Viewer application has been updated to version 1.8.0! New multi-page architecture, improved UX and optimizations!

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Check out these latest changes to the Bitshares NFT Viewer!

The Bitshares NFT Viewer application is a tool which enables viewing featured NFTs, NFT portfolios (balances), NFTs issued by a Bitshares account, an NFT search system and a favourite account/asset system.

Since the recent developments to the Bitshares Airdrop Tool and Bitshares NFT Issuance Tools, this tool has required some improvements to uplift it to their level of quality.

So let's get into what's new in version 1.8.0!

There's a new look to the Bitshares NFT Viewer! Check it out!


v1.8.0 Release notes:

  • Switched to a multi-page app architecture from a single-page app, utilizing the react-router-dom package to enable navigation between pages.
  • New pages: Frequently asked questions, configurable nodes
  • UX improvements throughout the app - helping buttons to navigate between pages, going back, refreshing, etc.
  • Fix rendering acknowledgments on the NFT page
  • Cache NFT data and non NFT asset IDs - results in faster duplicate lookups, avoiding querying the blockchain unnecessarily.
  • Added an IPFS gateway button dropdown to switch between several possible IPFS gateway URLs
  • Add new Featured NFTs
  • Optimize API connections - properly close connections when finished querying the blockchain.
  • Various package version updates
  • NFT media zoom button introduced - view the media up close!

Check out this Demo Video! (Gif image)

Any thoughts regarding these recent developments?

Try out the tool, provide feedback and suggestions!

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