Newly developed Bitshares Airdrop Tool tech: Airdropping Bitshares assets in proportion to user balances! ☔ (v0.2.71 release)

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What is the Bitshares Airdrop Tool?

It's a recently released multi-platform application which enables anyone to perform airdrops (asset distributions) on multiple Bitshares based blockchains.

So what's changed in v0.2.71?

An additional airdrop algorithm has been created!

The new "Asset Freebie" algorithm lets you assign winning tickets to users, either one per valid asset balance or a proportional quantity of tickets to the quantity of assets in the user's balance!


This works for all assets which are currently in leaderboard user's balances.

So, if you've created your own assets on Bitshares based blockchains, you can now easily reward their holders with say an NFT!

For example, on the Bitshares production blockchain, creating an LTM + Bitshares focused proportional airdrop of 10000 BTS results in the following data for the first 3 airdrop recipients:

        "user": "abc.btsbots (1.2.31074)",
        "ticketQty": 1,
        "ticketsValue": 68061675.46621,
        "percent": "0.24272",
        "assignedTokens": 5239.941589999999
        "user": "beos.gateway (1.2.1590396)",
        "ticketQty": 1,
        "ticketsValue": 25363631.95587,
        "percent": "0.24272",
        "assignedTokens": 1952.69876
        "user": "btsbots (1.2.31073)",
        "ticketQty": 1,
        "ticketsValue": 18000042.93527,
        "percent": "0.24272",
        "assignedTokens": 1385.78976

The create airdrop page's UX has also been improved, so now you won't be bothered by advanced settings nor block numbers if the airdrop algorithms you've chosen do not require their configuration.

Recent overall development notes

Check out the current menu of features included in the Bitshares Airdrop tool


Here are the summarized release notes for the recent developments


Introduces a new airdrop calculation algorithm: Airdropping onto a specific set of asset holders, proportional to their BTS holdings.

Improvements to airdrop calculation page's UX.


Fixes deeplink locales.


Introduces override transfer functionality for asset issuers.


Bug fixes: Airdrop card showing incorrect value.
Allocates tokens among winners more fairly and with asset precision in mind.
Reallocates excluded user tokens to the top winner.
UX improvements: Prevents token quantity from exceeding the max supply, being less than the min supply, and having greater precision than the asset precision.


Optimizes performance by removing the offending JSON accordion causing UI slowdown on the 'perform airdrop' page.


Fixes the precision of airdropped assets.


Introduces a new airdrop algorithm: Shooting fish in a barrel.
Improves user experience (UX).
Optimizes performance.
Updates the perform airdrop page.


Localizes beet modal.
Bug fix: Uses core asset for fee.
Avoids recalculating asset values.


Adds an error message when nobody qualifies for the airdrop.
Handles airdropping 0 precision assets.
Updates packages.
Adds a delay to the token name field to improve UI responsiveness.

Please note that these are brief summaries, and for more detailed information, you should read each release's associated Hive blog post.

What do you want to see from the Bitshares airdrop tool next?

Do you have any plans for future airdrops on Bitshares based blockchains? Do tell in the comments below!

These developments were brought to you by the NFTEA Gallery.
Consider collecting an NFTEA NFT to support continued Bitshares developments.

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