HERTZ Price Feed Script Updates! September 2017

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HERTZ Price Feed Script Updates!

After my last post, I sat down and fired out a few pull requests to integrate HERTZ into the existing price feed scripts. I still have one or two price feed scripts to work on, but for now we've got 3 implementations!

Warning: These are not production ready & you shouldn't publish price feeds for HERTZ until each PR has been sufficiently peer reviewed.

Wackou's 'bts_tools' price feed script PR

feeds['HERTZ'] = usd_price + ((usd_price * 0.5) * math.sin(((((pendulum.now().timestamp() - 1444745544)/2629746) % 1) * 2629746) * ((2*math.pi)/2629746)))

Xeroc's 'bitshares_pricefeed' script PR

formula: ({quoteSettlement_price}) + (({quoteSettlement_price} * 0.5) * sin(((((time.time() - 1444745544)/2629746) % 1) * 2629746) * ((2*pi)/2629746)))

Forked HERO price feed scripts

hertz_usd = 1.00 + (0.5 * math.sin(((((time.time() - 1444745544)/2629746) % 1) * 2629746) * ((2*math.pi)/2629746)))

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Nice work @cm-steem, will be interesting to see where HERTZ will take us :)

Loads of information. Many thanks. Love it. @cm-steem Followed

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