Further updates to the Bitshares NFT Viewer application! v1.7.0 now out!

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Announcing the update of the Bitshares NFT Viewer application to version 1.7.0!


There's several large improvements to the Bitshares NFT Viewer app, you're going to want to update for these:

Test nodes provide database api access

When you select a chain to connect to the app tests each node websocket url, this has been improved to filter out servers which won't support the app. This will result in more stable blockchain interaction in app!

Replaced the buy component

The NFT page now uses the same beet modal as recently introduced to the Bitshares Airdrop Tool.

This component now supports QR codes, Raw deeplinks, Local JSON files, Beet-js broadcasts and raw JSON output.

This new component and a small zustand state tweak have fixed an issue with the Beet wallet functionality, so now consecutive BEET prompts from the same app session will work as expected.

If you've used the Beet functionality in app before, please delete the link in beet and relink.

MISC changes

Updated external wallet links - removed org, added bts.exchange and bit20
Update packages - speaks for itself

Try it out, check out the featured NFTs and get collecting!

Like this software? Check out the NFT Issuance Tool & the recently released Airdrop Tool

These changes have been brought to you by the NFTEA Gallery

Check out the NFTEA NFT collection, consider buying an NFT to support further developments.

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