Demonstration of a 3000 user airdrop on the Bitshares testnet blockchain with the Bitshares Airdrop Tool and Bitshares BEET multiwallet

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With the recent Bitshares Airdrop tool release which introduced the custom airdrop function, we're now able to construct far larger airdrops with ease.

Just by trying to airdrop onto several thousand users, multiple improvements to both the Airdrop tool and the Beet multiwallet have been made today; there is already a new build available!

Check out how easily you can now create a 3000 user airdrop chunk and broadcast it onto the Bitshares blockchain:

Now, since we're dealing with thousands of users, there is a noticeable delay until the prompt renders.

You may have spotted my 'TEST' tokens reduced more than the 50 TEST being distributed amongst the 3000 users, these were spent on the 3000 user airdrop (approx 0.88566 TEST per transfer). Obviously if you're performing an airdrop on the production Bitshares blockchain you should purchase a Life-Time membership (LTM) to reduce these fees by up to 80%!

Don't forget you can buy a Life-Time membership via the Airdrop tool!


The receipt unfortunately didn't render properly in the gif above as it was still under development at the time of recording, however after a couple changes necessary to accommodate thousands of operations, the receipt renders as expected:


What kind of airdrop do you have in mind now that it's possible to airdrop onto thousands of blockchain users with little to no programming required at all?

It may be possible to get more than 3000 transfers in a single transaction, and also we're only performing a single transaction (with max ops) per block.

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