Bitshares UI customization guide!

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Bitshares UI Theming/Modification guide!

This is a draft guide for an older version of the Bitshares-UI, subsequent updates will increase the accuracy/quality of the guide. This guide is MIT licensed & open source on GitHub, I'd appreciate input on the guide & will hapily merge pull requests.

Getting started

Note: This pre-req section was copied from the Bitshares-UI, thanks to svk31, valzav, wmbutler, jcalfee and noisy for contributing towards this information!

BitShares-UI depends node Node.js, and version 6+ is required. It has not yet been tested with v7.

On Ubuntu and OSX, the easiest way to install Node is to use the Node Version Manager.

To install NVM for Linux/OSX, simply copy paste the following in a terminal:

curl -o- | bash
nvm install v6
nvm use v6

Once you have Node installed, you can clone the repo:

git clone
cd bitshares-ui

Before launching the GUI you will need to install the npm packages for each subdirectory:

cd web
npm install

Running the dev server

The dev server uses Express in combination with Wepback 2.

Once all the packages have been installed you can start the development server by going to the web folder and running:

npm start

Once the compilation is done the GUI will be available in your browser at: localhost:8080 or Hot Reloading is enabled so the browser will live update as you edit the source files.


If you'd like to host your own wallet somewhere, you should create a production build and host it using NGINX or Apache. In order to create a prod bundle, simply run the following command:

npm run build

This will create a bundle in the /dist folder that can be hosted with the web server of your choice.

Installable wallets

We use Electron to provide installable wallets, available for Windows, OSX and Linux Debian platforms such as Ubuntu. First, install the required packages in the electron folder. Then go to the web folder and run npm run electron. This will compile the UI with some special modifications for use with Electron, and copy the result to the root electron/build folder. Now go back to the electron folder and run npm run release in order to build a wallet for your platform.


The Header.jsx file is where changes to the navbar can be made!


Changing the logo

Within the header.jsx file, the logo is defined as:

var logo = require("assets/logo-ico-blue.png");

Either change the code to point towards a new logo file, or overwrite the 'logo-ico-blue.png' file with your own logo.

For reference, the default BTS logo dimensions are 50px × 66px.

Adding new elements to the navigation

For an example we'll copy the accountsDropDown menu to create our own dropdown menu within the header.jsx file:

Create the dropdown menu actionsheet data

LET ourDropDown =
        <ActionSheet.Button title="">
            <a style={{padding: "1rem", border: "none"}} className="button">
                 &nbsp;Our DropDown&nbsp;
                <Icon className="icon-14px" name="chevron-down"/>
        <ActionSheet.Content >
            <ul className="no-first-element-top-border">
                    <a href="">Steemit</a>
                    <a href="">Google</a>

Call the actionsheet from within the returned HTML

<div className="grp-menu-item overflow-visible account-drop-down">



You can add messages or contact details for your DEX; Openledger for example has added links to support, newsletters and how to add new coins, alongside the BTS network information.


Change the favicon, title/metadata, and throw in any neccessary analytics/scripts.


Don't change CORE_ASSET

BTS is set as the CORE_ASSET default to BTS to prevent loading issues when used with BTS chain which is the most usual case currently.

Exchange trading pairs


You can add/remove as many tokens as you wish, just remember to add logos for new tokens.

Note that "4018d784" means mainnet, and "39f5e2ed" means testnet.

let topMarkets = {
    markets_4018d784: [ // BTS MAIN NET
        "OPEN.MKR", "BTS", "OPEN.ETH", "ICOO", "BTC", "OPEN.LISK", "BKT",
        "OPEN.STEEM", "OPEN.GAME", "OCT", "USD", "CNY", "BTSR", "OBITS",
        "OPEN.DGD", "EUR", "GOLD", "SILVER", "IOU.CNY", "OPEN.DASH",
        "YOYOW", "HERO", "RUBLE"
    markets_39f5e2ed: [ // TESTNET

let bases = {
    markets_4018d784: [ // BTS MAIN NET
        "USD", "OPEN.BTC", "CNY", "BTS", "BTC", "YOURASSET"
    markets_39f5e2ed: [ // TESTNET
        "TEST", "YOURASSET"

Change the defaults!:

        let defaults = {
            unit: [

Featured markets


You aught to add/remove trading pairs from the Dashboard.jsx file. You could make your asset (YOURASSET) the primary trading pair displayed throughout your DEX!

Note that "4018d784" means mainnet, and "39f5e2ed" means testnet.

let marketsByChain = {
        ["USD", "BTS"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.BTC"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.USDT"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.ETH"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.DASH"],
        ["USD", "GOLD"],
        ["USD", "HERO"],
        ["USD", "YOURASSET"],
        ["CNY", "OPEN.BTC"],
        ["CNY", "USD"],
        ["CNY", "OPEN.ETH"],
        ["CNY", "YOYOW"],
        ["CNY", "OCT"],
        ["CNY", "YOURASSET"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "BTS"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "OPEN.DASH"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "OBITS"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "BLOCKPAY"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "OPEN.DGD"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "OPEN.STEEM"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "YOURASSET"],
        ["BTS", "CNY"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.ETH"],
        ["BTS", "HERO"],
        ["BTS", "OCT"],
        ["BTS", "RUBLE"],
        ["BTS", "GOLD"],
        ["BTS", "BLOCKPAY"],
        ["BTS", "BTWTY"],
        ["BTS", "OBITS"],
        ["BTS", "YOURASSET"],
        ["KAPITAL", "OPEN.BTC"],
        ["BTS", "SILVER"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.STEEM"],
        ["USD", "OPEN.MAID"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.ETH"],
        ["OPEN.USDT", "OPEN.BTC"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.STEEM"],
        ["OPEN.BTC", "OPEN.MAID"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.MAID"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.HEAT"],
        ["BTS", "OPEN.INCENT"],
        ["HEMPSWEET", "OPEN.BTC"],
        ["KAPITAL", "BTS"],
    "39f5e2ed": [
        ["TEST", "PEG.FAKEUSD"],
        ["TEST", "BTWTY"]
        ["TEST", "YOURASSET"],

Asset logos!

For the featured trading pairs you've set to display on the dashboard, you'll need to provide the Bitshares-UI a logo to display.

Logo dimensions: 140x140
Logo filetype: PNG


Add an entry for your asset in the symbols javascript file:


Create a new theme

When we talk about a 'theme' we aren't refering to the page content nor layout, but rather the colour scheme used throughout the BTS DEX. Every element can be changed within a theme file with relative ease.

It's rather easy to make a horrible looking theme, so put some thought into the colour palette you are going to use throughout the website and account for ease of readability/accessibility.

It may be worth temporarily changing each value individually to a highly visible colour so as to understand the changes that you're making, you can do this whilst running the dev web wallet as it instantly displays the changes you make to the code.

Contents of a theme file

@import "theme-template";

// variables

$light-text-color: #fff;
$dark-text-color: #444;
$primary-text-color: #ffffff;
$secondary-text-color: darken($primary-text-color, 20%);
$link-text-color: #4A90E2;
$error-text-color: #E3745B;

$bg-color: #2a2a2a;
$panel-bg-color: #3f3f3f;
$light-panel-bg-color: #6a6a6a;
$super-light-panel-bg-color: lighten($light-panel-bg-color, 8%);
$button-bg-color: #4A90E2;
$secondary-button-bg-color: #999999;
$input-background: lighten($bg-color, 8%);

$alert-color: $error-text-color;
$info-color: #A0D3E8;
$success-color: #50D2C2;
$warning-color: #FCAB53;
$fee-color: $secondary-text-color;

// Exchange colors
$bid-color: #6BA583;
$ask-color: #E3745B;
$call-color: #BBBF2B;
$positive-color: #258A14;
$negative-color: #DB0000;
$row-accent-color: #3C3C3C;
$header-color: #484848;

// Chat colors
$chat-text-color: #191A1F;

.yourTheme {
  @include theme(

Adding a custom theme

You can list an additional theme within the Bitshares settings, alongside the existing dropdown theme options.

Providing theme name translations

Searching for the existing theme name 'olDarkTheme' showed entries within each of the translation files located at "\web\app\assets\locales".

Within each of the 'locale_xx.json' files (replace xx with language), you need to provide a translation for your new theme within the 'settings' section:

  "settings": {
    [ irrelevant text ]
    "themes": "Tema",
    "darkTheme": "Koyu tema",
    "lightTheme": "Açık tema",
    "olDarkTheme": "Openledger koyu",
    [ irrelevant text ]

Use similar format:

"yourThemeName": "yourTranslatedThemeName"

Google translate should be sufficient, or if you're lazy you could just provide the english theme name as the translation.

If you do not provide a translation entry, then the theme dropdown will display a translate error!

Add an entry for your theme in the following files


Add your custom theme file to the theme folder


Examples of different Bitshares Web Wallets

There are several Bitshares web wallet implementations with different themes, layouts and languages.




Best regards,


Awesome doc... did you consider contributing this document directly to

Hey, sorry I hadn't spotted your reply until just now. I had not considered contributing this document directly to the bitshares-ui github repo, it makes sense to do so though, eh? Wiki or an actual md file?

I'm not a maintainer of that repo but IMHO it makes sense. I personally prefer md files over wiki because in this way it will be cloned together with code.

It would be more appropriate on the wiki IMO.

hey bro i might be looking at this a little naively, but messing with the theme section basically gives you a bunch of skins yeah?
also i duno how stupid this sounds, but could i get the "environment" running on windows?

Yeah, by adding themes to the theme drop down you provide a skin for everyone using the web wallet you've customized. We've only really got 5 or 6 themes (several exclusive skins to rudex/openledger/btsabc), we should have many skins like you see in IRC/Text clients! :)

It needs node.js v6 (not tested v7) and nvm, if you have those on windows then I don't see why not!

if i have luck setting up i think the rest is easy, ima see if i can get it started

Cool, looking forwards to any cool skins you can come up with :)

hey bro I am actually still trying to do this, I got some advice from Alfredo on telegram and found it was easier to download virtualbox and install ubuntu, I have it working now though, i cant seem to get it to load up my theme,
The missing translations you were mentioning, i think im getting this issue, was the resolution to make sure you had it defined in the 3 locations you mention? or is there another issue i didnt understand?

Searching for 'olDarkTheme' showed entries within each of the translation files located at "\web\app\assets\locales".

Within each of the 'locale_xx.json' files (replace xx with language), there is an entry for theme names which I have previously missed:

  "settings": {
    [ irrelevant text ]
    "themes": "Tema",
    "darkTheme": "Koyu tema",
    "lightTheme": "Açık tema",
    "olDarkTheme": "Openledger koyu",
    [ irrelevant text ]

So it would appear that you need to provide a translation for your new theme in the following format:

"yourThemeName": "yourTranslatedThemeName"

Google translate should be sufficient..

Give me a shout if this works :)

hey bro, this was it exactly! strangely enough the only other language I know besides english is turkish, your example couldn't have been better xD

i think im basically set to go now, hopefully i can put together a few themes people like, i might also put together an idiots guide for windows to the setup once i get a theme completed
thanks for all your help and patience so far :)

How did you get on with making your bitshares theme?

Great to hear you've got it working, I'm looking forwards to the themes you're able to put together!

Please do consider creating a Steemit thread showcasing your designs when ready, i'll be upvoting them for sure! ;D

Great post cm-steem. I love the work the RUDEX team have done. I think we need more themes to really make the wallet as good as it can be

Thanks, yeah I agree that we need more themes.. we could do a colour palette contest & have users vote on the top colour schemes to be included as new themes in the bitshares-ui repo..

Up-voted and re-steemed. Thank you for your awesome work.

Thanks, much appreciated! :)

Thank you. I was actually just trying to figure out how to do this the other day.

Were there any UI changes/customizations that you had in mind?

Sorry about the delayed response. I could have sworn I answered this question over a week ago - I definitely wrote a response, so I'm not sure what happened...
There's a couple things that I'm interested in accomplishing. Preventing markets like BTS:bitCNY or BTS:bitUSD from flipping their pairs into bitCNY:BTS. Inadvertant flipping of the BTS:bitCNY pair has nearly cost me money recently (with the two near a 1:1 parity, it's a recipe for bad trades) is a big one.
I also think it would be quite useful to be able to stick a BTS:bitCNY ticker in the navigation panel at the top, right next to Deposit/Withdraw - although ticker for the same pair from an external exchange would be even more useful.
I think there was something else, but if so, I don't remember it right now.

Nice post, thanks. How long did you learn all these things? This looks like heavy thing

I previously created my own customized Bitshares web wallet UI for the Gridcoin cryptocurrency (OPEN.GRC) which took me a few days of work. Writing up this guide took about 4 hours, I went through the changes I made and updated it to account for changes in the UI in the last year.

Customizing the BTS UI isn't too difficult if you follow the guide :)

Wow that work man

I admit that I don't understand anything!

It's a bit complicated but following your tutorial I'm sure to get away with it. Thank you very much

To be fair, the most difficult bit is setting up the dev environment, changing minor things like the title/logo/theme/trading-pairs is pretty straight forward.

One HELL of an informative post my friend. Well done. Most of it went over my head but i had no clue half of this was possible. very cool stuff

Good post brother

Great guide with great sharing.

appreciate your effort mate...great post


Thanks for this great post, however I have issues with the dashboard customisation, followed all the steps but it still doesn't display topmarkets correctly; any idea has to why ? I did added logos in good format (140px) ??


Thanks, with best regards,


Nice post , upvote me too please .

Great resource. Thanks

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