Bitshares Airdrop tool updated! Several new features to try out!

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What is the Bitshares Airdrop Tool?

It's a recently released multi-platform application which enables anyone to perform airdrops (asset distributions) on multiple Bitshares based blockchains.

Check out some of its possible usecases I wrote about previously.

So what's changed?

New features

Account search

When prompted to provide an account ID to proceed, you're now able to search for a blockchain account by name.


More Beet wallet broadcast methods!

Previously, the airdrop card only provided local files and the ticket creation feature only provided a deeplink to the Beet multiwallet.

Now, when creating a ticket you can broadcast directly to Beet via beet-js, create a local json file and produce a Beet deeplink.

And when performing an airdrop, you're now able to broadcast directly to Beet via beet-js as well as create a local JSON file for uploading to Beet. Due to deeplink length limitations, airdrops cannot be performed via deeplinks.


New airdrop ticket algorithm: Forever ticket holder freebie

A new simple algorithm has been introduced which enables you to award every account in the leaderboard who has created a ticket with type 'lock_forever' and an amount of at least 1 BTS.

This is to encourage more users to lock up BTS forever, as they'll be more likely to receive an airdrop if this algo type is selected during airdrop calculation.

Note that this will yield the same ticket number as the 'freebie' tier, so if you select both freebie methods you'll need to disable 'deduplicate winning tickets' so they get 2 winning tickets.

Limit airdrop to LTM holders

At the airdrop page, you can now limit the airdrop recipients to only those who hold a lifetime-membership (LTM).


Account upgrade page

Since recently introducing the ability to airdrop solely onto lifetime-membership (LTM) holders, the ability to upgrade your account has been introduced to the Airdrop tool!


The user's LTM status will also be included on their account page, alongside a shortcut to the account upgrade page if they've not yet upgraded their account.


Bug fixes

  • When viewing an account not present in the leaderboard (only has charging/invalid tickets), show a placeholder account description & avoid rendering balances.
  • Several packages updated
  • MISC dead code cleanup

So get airdropping assets on Bitshares based blockchains! Create tickets and upgrade your accounts!

What do you want to see from the Bitshares airdrop tool next?

Do you have any plans for future airdrops on Bitshares based blockchains? Do tell in the comments below!

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