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RE: Detailed view on the Peerplays Share drop to BitShares

in #bitshares5 years ago (edited)

So I have a few questions about my bitshares account and would really appreciate it if somebody could explain the answers. I was in my bitshares acct trying to buy some peerplays and this I received this message... Missing Active Authority 1.2.112930...

  • What does Missing Active Authority 1.2.112930 mean?
  • If not, what should I do and how?
  • Would this work the same way as if I transfered the bitshares from poloniex to my bitshares wallet within the bitshares exchange ?

Thanks for this article and the insight you've given me already. I would kindly appreciate it if somebody could clear the air for me. Namaste :D

  1. Not sure what Missing Activity is. Can someone help?
  2. Your OpenLedger account should correctly receive the allocated #PeerPlays.
  3. No need to do anything for now. Your account at OpenLedger seems set up OK to receive the sharedrop.
  4. Yes, while it is expected that Poloniex will fairly and accurately distribute the PeerPlays tokens, it's not guaranteed so it's better to have your BitShares off-exchange (as in your OpenLedger account).

Thank you so much for your help and info! Namaste~!

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