How to buy TOPSOL with Steem, BTS, VIVAcoin, USD, EURO and other crypto or fiat.

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I have choosen the Bitshares platform to run the Solar coach ICO.
I have participated to 3 different ICO with RC20 Ethereum token and really, Bitshares is much more convenient for new crypto users, you don't have to pay gaz to withdraw your token like with RC20 tokens, which is really boring. You only have to open a bitshares account with the openledger interface.

It is really easy to open a bitshares/openledger account and well documented on youtube.

Open an openledger/bitshares account

Tutorial #1 : Getting Started (1min20s)

Tutorial #3 : Funding your account with Bitcoin (1min18s)

Of course it is really important to respect the security rules, take the time to write a secure password, you can use this password generator to do it.

Choose one of the 5 proposed password and add another key sign somewhere inside the password. Secure your backup on a USB drive once you have money on your account.

Using OpenLedger for the First Time: Basic Transactions

To buy TOPSOL from fiat currency (Euro, USD or any national currency ):

For European users, you can use to buy Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin or Dash with Euro or Dollar.
You can use to buy Bitcoin with Euro or USD. Advcash propose partners to exchange any currency in Euro or USD.
Send send your crypto in your Bitshares account.

From Steemit

Use to exchange steem or sbd in BTS on Bitshares

From VIVAcoin

Sell your VIVAcoin in another crypto ( BTC, ETH, LTC ) or in USD ( It was yesterday a good opportunity) Use or services to exchange your favorite crypto in BTS in your Bitshares wallet.

You got BTS ! Nice !!

Buy TOPSOL on the TOPSOL/BTS market

Reminder :

ICO is a nice tool to give entrepreners the means to implement their projects. There are many steps from one idea to one established company. ICO is a risky investment. Invest only the crypto that you don't really need. No refunding will be provide if the project crash before it is profitable. But you can sell your TOPSOL on the Bitshares DEX at any moment if you think the management is not taking the right decision. This is another advantage of using Bitshares for ICO.

Study the profitability of TOPSOL – The Solar coach token.

Solar coach executive summary :

We need more solar energy !


Good eran bicoin and steemit.USD Thank u

We need more Bitcoins!

haha !!! what will you do with all your bitcoins ?

say tidak begitu mengerti apa yang anda posting tapi yang jelas ada melakukan posting ini untuk mendapatkan dolar jadi saya juga ingin membantu anda untuk mendapatkan unag denga cara saya berkomentar di postingan anda, saya berharap anda juga bisa vote komentar saya jadi saya juga dapat uang seperti anda, jadi ini adalah simbiosis mutualisme saya sena anda juga senang.

do you know any way of buying bitcoin or steem without paying the 17% transfer fees. i brought my first $20 worth of bitcoin today and then transferred it to steem. the whole process cost $3.60. that's about 17% fee just to buy steem

do not buy bitcoin for things like this, buy litecoin or ETH
the transaction fees for bitcoin are just to much if you are using really small amounts
the other coins are just a lot friendlier what the transaction fees are concerned

what exchange do you suggest, as i just checked and the have they same fee amount for bitcoin, litecoin and ETH

the way I do it is buy from bitpanda ( there is a surcharge with the creditcards) and transfer to bittrex to get steem... this is how I have done it in the past.

thanks for the information, i will check it out.

Contact @carodebali who is looking for euro !

Steem rises 15 % from yesterday, so you get your $3.60 back ! You have to be cautious when you buy a crypto because they can loose or rise 50 % very easily. So buy them when they are low and don't worry about the 17 %. If you want to buy a stable crypto, buy one of these

And what about to change the steems to bitcoins and then euros ?

I am a new user nad would love to make the transaction soon but all of this It's way to complicated.
Thanks in advance for your advices

Contact @zeropointman who is looking for steem !

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