Get 100,000 VENTUREO to fund your project !

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If you are an entreprener or a non-profit you can get 100,000 Ventureo to develop your project.

To get this initial funding, you have to :

  • Open a Steemit account
  • Introduce your project on Steemit
  • Have 30 people to upvote your project
  • Post a presentation of your company on the Ventureo wiki
  • Open a Openledger/Bitshare account using my referral link
  • Accept to sell goods and services to other Ventureo organizations listed on the wiki
  • Engage yourself not to sold 1 Ventureo for less than 1 Bts on the Bitshares DEX.
  • Engage yourself to post a promotional post about Ventureo on a social media.
  • Enter your Steemit presentation in one of the montly business idea post published on Steemit by @chrisaiki

It is that simple !

10 billion VENTUREO are available or Bitshares DEX for 100,000 organizations.


Can you post a white paper on this token? I mean what to do with it or is another issued asset with no use lol

The use of the token will depend of the organizations that will subscribe to the program. If 1,000 organizations exchange goods and services using Ventureo, it will be very valuable. At the beginning, when only 2 or 3 organiations use it, it is not usefull. The white paper will be written on the wiki by the organizations, they will explain which services can be purchased in Ventureo. Do you have a project ?

Yeah I got a few projects. If people chose to accept rocks perhaps we could use rocks. Thanks for the explanation.

Rocks are more difficult to transfer and store :)

I will love to have such a beautiful token to invest in my community of Christian brothers and Sisters on steemit.

#flaminghelpers which a community set out to encourage constantly neglected Christians articles while bringing in more people to the awareness of steemit and other interesting cryptocurrency either on blockchain or via investments.

Thank you for the opportunity.

@flamingbot, @flaminghelpers

Hello, @stevenmosoes, welcome to Ventureo. Do you have a Bitshares account ?
I have added a category for religious organisations on the wiki. @seyiodus can help you to create a page for Flaminghelpers if you are not familiar with wiki.

Yes, I have a Bitshare account which @stevenmosoes1

I will speak with @seyiodus to create account for this purpose on wiki.

Thank you.


ok, you just received 100,000 Ventureo
Please, make a promotional post about Ventureo on your preferred social media.

Hey! Njombe Beyond is launching soon. An environmental project to recycle plastic at small scale in Tanzania:

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