BiTSy contest : send 1 BTS from your location (4 cts ) with your phone and earn one upvote from me on Steem (5 cts)

in bitshares •  7 months ago 

BiTSy is opening a new era in the world of remittance, point of sale and mass adoption of crypto.
You can immedialtly download BiTSy from Google store

Then send 1 BTS to chrisaiki1 in France with a memo indicating from which place in the world you send the money.

The purpose of this contest is to show how powerful Bitshares is ! And how easy to use BiTSy is.
Paste and copy your memo as a reply in this post and you will get an upvote from me worth 5 cts (depending of the value of steem)

This contest is intended to see how many friends I have from different place in the world and to promote BiTSy and Palmpay.

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Have a nice week-end !

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Hey :)

Hello from SJR, Mx

Welcome in the world of BiTSy @cryptoseven

That was fun! :)
In the BiTSy wallet memo field, I typed in this memo to you:

"Gracias from sunny Anarchapulco!"

Great initiative @chrisaiki1 :) :)

Sunny Anarchapulco is really a place where I would like to spend my holidays. Need to find an airplane company accepting BTS !