Joining Graphene Devcon 2018 in Shanghai!

in bitshares •  10 months ago

Shanghai calling!

I am super excited to join the first Graphene Devcon in Shanghai as a speaker! Thanks to the hard work of @bitcrab @jademont and the Chinese Graphene community we all meet in Shanghai on May 5th to 6th and discuss the latest projects, protocol updates, and nothing less than the future of #bitshares #steem and #eos. Finally, we have our own devcon for the Graphene Blockchain world!!

I will join the conference with my CTO Paulo and strategic partner Oliver to introduce our latest work with @payger. Watch the live stream this Sunday for our latest news. I got a surprise for all of you. :D

Follow me on for live updates from the conference!

More info here

See you all in Shanghai,
Cheers Chris4210

Christoph Hering Graphene DevCon 2018.jpg

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Congratulations on your success, I will follow

Oh yh im gonna follow ya on twitter. Youre a great resource personnel. Expect a follow from @laxis2005


Thank you for following. I added you on Twitter too.

Klingt stark, Respekt! :)

Good luck, Chris. Good to see you still making moves!

Looking forward to the surprise~

Herzlichen Dank für die Info. Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Spaß und Erfolg!


Danke dir Freiheit50, erzähl dir aufm Stammtisch wie es war :)

Congrats ! Show them how it's done !

Klingt sehr aufregend und spannend, viel Erfolg!


Congratulations, I will follow you, good luck in all your projects. Blessings.


I have followed you and would love to continue to connect with you on our journey through Steemit!

All the best,

Luppers :)

Organise your pleasure and know all of your new

Congratulations Sir .. Follow ,Upvote & Resteem This Post

Great , it will be Amazing

Congration i will follow


Congratulations, Great work @chris4210. More success for you