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It is our pleasure to announce a major upgrade to BitShares Europe - the service platform for the BitShares Blockchain and reference faucet operator.

Single Sign on with Beet

Today, when you go to and click the Login button, you will be redirected to our single-signon service hosted on using the popular Oauth2 technology.


From there, you can authenticate either by user/password, or by using Beet [Beta-release pending]. If you don't want to use beet, you can prove your account using a signed message (available in the reference ui on and link your github account or specify a custom password for authentication via

Developer Integration

Many people know Oauth2 from their delay lives when they log in via popular sites like google, facebook, github or others. With BitShares Europe, developers can now log in with their BitShares account name.

Developers that integrate their platform with Oauth2 service providers already can get their oauth2 client already:


Beta release

The oauth2 service is currently offered as a beta testing release for developers and those users that are curious about the technology. Expect improvements and additional features to be added over time. The items on the roadmap are:

  • Hosted (encrypted) private keys
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Blockchain Notifications
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Seriously great things happening for BitShares all around!

Woa! I love this!

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Looking excellent, we'll be one of those curious ones trying it out!