Just asked my Google Home Assistant. I guess you need to replaced Alexa :)
"BitShares is an open-source, public, blockchain-based real-time financial platform".

Lol it's from my wiki page! It helps people, yay!

She don't know simply lol

I asked the same question to my 3 year old. She said "rainbow horsey". I think she may have a point.

Nice post my friend @cdubendo

hahaha that's hilarious!!! I'm about to do a post answering that question. Please explain it to Alexa...

Steady friend @cdubendo
Your post is very interesting and very useful ..
Good luck to all of us.

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she was smart enough lol @cdubendo

Its all about bitshare did you use bitshare ?

Bts is the future , decentralized exchange .

Right now we got decentralized currency but in centralized exchanges.

People will soon realize this and shift to decentralized ones .

Good post friend

hopefully the way out @cdubendo

if he knows he can explain it