muse updates from Cob.... muse is coming

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cob [9:49 AM]  

Greetings guys.

Happy (non-chinese) new-year everyone.


Just to let everyone know. Muse is approaching it’s final releasable form


We have a music DB advisor that reviewed our proposed smart contract (already coded into Muse btw)


he is happy with everything. So it fits right in with the music industry world


artists will understand it, labels, composers, writers, publishers, etc etc


Now we have to design our proposed UI userflow for him to review


he can do it, but doesn’t want the legacy system to influence how we think it should go


which I agree with!


So on Monday we begin the front end, music uploader UI design for his review


Muse will have everything needed to launch fairly soon. Then it’s testing time.

After that, we deal with Snapshot + genesis block of the new thing


as you know, the current one is just a clone of the old BitShares


has nothing to do with Music, copyrights, royalty payments, etc


damn i even forgot of this project and was one of first things that initially got me interested in BTS

Sold all my muse.
Even if this is ever becoming something I highly doubt they will honor any early buyer appropriately.
As long as they want your money they are very kind and communicative, but then you don't see them for months.

But I expect him to demand more money soon....

cob does not ask for money from our community .... He is a kind of wealthy guy ... most of fund is from his own pocket... but one thing you may be right ... he is trying to get rid of us due to the target users are not us