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RE: Rough Guide to the DAC – Part 3 – Worker Proposals on the Blockchain

in #bitshares7 years ago

So happy with good info on this platform that is drawing me in lately. Except for @Stan, i don't have a clue about good witnesses etc. But i do like the type of info you are giving us here and will start voting you as a proxy.
I was on bitshares discord today with one question, where are the best resources to learn everything on bitshares but didn't get an answer. Eager to learn, contribute etc... Where to start? Thanks.


Hi Bub, recommend you check out there are a lot more folks there to answer questions and help getting started! Thanks again for your support!

Thank YOU for helping me out here, installing Telegram, will have a peep soon!

@bubke this is a good resource.

Also I'm in the discord group, sorry we missed your question!

Ha, fantastic resource, you make my day, thanks @john-robert

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