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NOTE! Please read on through, for full instructions to support this initiative by joining the trail :)

Steemit Bloggers and Community of BitShares Welcome!

Since arriving on the scene then starting my own steemit blog now almost 12 months ago, Steemit profile growth for @britcoins has been slow, with other things taking far more priority, the '60' rep goal also reserved, rightly so, for as shared effort with others (especially thanks @murda-ra). One does often feel, to get 'good at it' on Steemit, is just such a huge effort. Well, we should just start getting more content out there for sure. However, there is one more vital element - Nobody expects you to do it alone. We all need a little bit of help, community, and maybe a bit of a boost to always get a few votes, and support around your posts from fellow boys and girls in the same boat. Now is the time to carry on, and starting this is never an easy thing, continuing it even more so. Therefore, the Telegram group is really for you if you want to blog or already do - and love BitShares with it (if not, why not?) and the Steemauto trail is there for anyone to show some support with their idle voting power and SP.

What I'm yelling at all my friends AND MYSELF since 2017

Time to set examples, not just making the threads ... !

Blogging in 2018 is not just a hobby or way some people make a freelance living anymore. It's a "living curriculum vitae" of which any professional in the world, be whatever they do for love or money, (so long as it's unclassified data, ask Mr. Edward Snowden for advice on deciding on releasing *that* post), a blog is actually a *tool* to enhance your own freedoms, organise your work, get more work, get/share expertise, or just really dig with others whatever you are into. One of my favorite blogs in fact, is that of none other than Richard Branson. Even with all the riches and business success in the world, he knows it is important to just blog a personal diary-like post on his website once in a while. That is truly an example worth following. There is no single more diverse and useful tool in the digital domain today than blogging, anyone can start from scratch or nowhere, and just share what *they* are best at. So anyway, if any of your friends want to start blogging, get on with it and join them, don't mock them.

Don't be a lone ranger in your blogging!

So don't worry, @britcoins (@rosswlkr) and know how it goes. A while back I decided to start applying a principle to everything i do - which is, don't just do it for yourself, encourage others to do it with you, as one man is surely no island and others surely have similar needs. So as long as we can find our peers, we split the goal milestones, and gain rapid results. This applies to life/business and everything. (Teamwork, Community, Tribes, Family, Friends). Try blogging/writing a piece that is composed to stay out there online - it is a lonely tough process, and support or feedback from a few others also making that transition can make a world of difference. Professional media/content houses have it easy, with a room full of researchers pumping out ideas, photographers, artists and then proof-readers and peer-reviews. When you start a blog, you can feel very alone and small ... Don't! Just start, it's all about you, actually, and you don't need *thousands* of followers. But you do need to forget your Facebook and other 'IRL' friends, who just won't get it, or try to put you down - Instead, welcome to our decentralized community with pockets of goals all around, peaceful, powerful, and there for more than just blogging support as I focus on today.

So it was born, my idea for the BitShares Community Bloggers Telegram Club.

Informal, no particular rules, other than you blog and love bitshares. It isn't necessarily blogging only about BitShares, we need variety, just a mention, occasional or guest posts, banners once in a while is very ok for your blog and being a part of this community.

Current Results and Broader Goals

I'd now like to extend the invitation to more folks, for the very simple reasons I'm going to cite below - It appears, with barely any credit to my effort aside one-time setup and laying down some game rules, to be working. If ever I wanted to create a 'small ripple' and vibrate to a larger wave effect, I may humbly say it's worked and barely even on my own efforts - just by planting the idea there and telling everyone 'it would be ok to do this'.

  • Begininning with one Swedish translation, encouragement spread now where several BitShares authors are being translated into new languages without prompting, not just in our group, the idea has been emulated elsewhere, and translator posts are earning Steem back for it.
  • Others previously holding steem accounts for a while, joined in to get going again in the group
  • Although not spoken, it has been seen around other channels, that even ones who didn't join have 'stepped up the game' in terms of posting content about BitShares
  • Raised some stars in our group, now with rapidly ascending Steemit profiles, @john-robert takes one massive huge thanks also, for Most Consistent Blogger and Biggest SP Voting Contributor who shares his votes among all members. Thanks John.
  • Some really cool farming updates, from @FarmerD
  • All the latest by professional web marketer and blogger @michaelx
  • And more!

    Long-term goal and outcome of BitShares Bloggers initiative = website SEO waterwheel

    Nowadays, Google and others index and rate sites using complex algorithms, probably involving some of the best AI & NLP tools on the planet. One thing they do LOVE to see, is a variety of original content, additionally, at a periodicity and recency for the content. IN OTHER WORDS nowadays it takes all of Original + Varied + Fresh to be on Google (or other search ranking) Page 1. SO, if there's lot's of good people blogging original stuff on all the latest projects, happenings, new how-to guides to show the latest UI improvements, this content keeps coming in perpetuity and these initiatives mean it is well curated. If this is happening, search engines will eat it up. Then to harvest this result, later, we hook an automated feed of BitShares posts into community area of BitShares.Org website and it should contribute to boosting the sites ranking and search appearance immensely.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm kind of thinking aloud, and not the one to set the technical direction. Idea above will be smashed to bits by my CTO or another web guru I have around, and told how to do properly, and I'll be placed back in my box :)

    Discuss this post and others, and introduce yourself and your blog/profile/Twitter account/Beanie-Baby collection over at my humble Telegram group:
    Join Telegram Group

    Did you signup for Whaleshares yet?

    Whaleshares is shaping up to be pretty special, with cross-chain tokens that can be traded on BitShares. We sure are keen on how it will grow, and actively posting there. It's a lot of fun besides. Follow @rosswlkr and and signup

    Steemian? Join the trail! Full instructions follow

    What You Can Do! Sign in at set your vote rate and follow the and (optional) @britcoins trails!

    Step 1: Goto and login

    Step 2: Signup if you didn't already

    Step 3: Just select your Steem account, or fill it in if needed

    Step 4: Set your vote limit to never fall below this level. It is up to you, and I vouch that it works 100% never wasting your votes

    Step 5: Now we need to tell it what to vote on.
    Fastest is just join the curation trail. See there also 'Fanbase', you can set whoever you want to auto-upvote. Just change the settings to delay 30 minutes, it works better for both sides.

    Here we see the settings when you follow a curation trail. Hopefully, you will follow and also @britcoins if you dare. So anyway, I will send you a personal special thanks at some point for following either trail on steemauto. Anyway the more join, the more the payouts and all will go up with it.

    Extra: Now my actual current settings, and more recommendations, feel free to experiment with your own ...

    Come on over to the Telegram group to discuss this post, instructions, blogging, BitShares and more ... the criteria is, you are here to infuse BitShares into your daily blogging life!
    Join BitShares Bloggers Telegram Group
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    Extremely glorious initiative!

    This looks great Ross, I'll look into signing up tonight. And thank you for setting up the telegram group!

    Awesome Post @britcoins ! Everyone join us, you won't regret !