99 Bitcoin wall for Bitshares

in #bitshares2 years ago (edited)

bitshares 1207.png

bitshares 1208.png

Big wall on Poloniex exchange right now with a 99 BTC wall. That is around 400k USD for a big buy order. This wall can disappear anytime, but if the wall holds that would be great. But if you notice the total BTC for buy orders is 152 BTC. Lets see if BTS will rise shortly. We do have a descending triangle that looks like it should breakout to the upside, but just like every crypto if BTC dips BTS could too.

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That's a very interesting situation. Let's be ready for a jump.

And just like that the wall is gone.

bitshares 1209.png

bitshares 1210.png
Great call, up we go.

bitshares 1211.png

50 BTC wall just popped up. It would only take 3 btc to get BTS up to 1350 sats, by low.

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