In Case You Missed It - Spark Graphene Meet Up

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Spark Graphene Event

Spark held an introductory Graphene Meet Up in Hong Kong to educate those interested in what is Graphene, how it is used and why it is relevant in today's cryptocurrency space where decentrsliation, processing and speed has become top priorities for many projects.

For some who may have missed the Spark Graphene Meet Up, here is a round up of what happened.

(See the complete meet up on Youtube)

There are many projects already built on Graphene technology. The most popularised being BitShares (BTS), Steem (STEEM) and highly anticipated EOS. In fact Graphene is so powerful that we see many other projects like Peerplays, Yoypw and Muse using this technology too.

Projects are increasingly using Graphene supported blockchains as it is a developers tool box that enacts a Delegated Proof of Stake Consensus or DPOS for short to remove issues relating to centralised mining, cost and speed associated often associated with Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. It means that verification of transactions are dictated by a democratised network of stake holding witnesses rather than a network determined by who has the most computing power.

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 14.38.57.png
(Snapped from Spark's Graphene Meetup Slide available for free download below)

Above we see the ratio of centralised to decentralised cryptocurrency consensus used via many blockchains available today. It is interesting to note here the progression of blockchains from first generation like Bitcoin to Bitshares and EOS with the change in choice for consensus protocols.

Watch the full meet up video above to get all the details.

Questions from the Crowd

How do you make a stable coin? -> TimeStamped link / 5 min answer

How does the price of a stable coin remain stable? -> TimeStamped link / 5 min answer

How is different to Steemit? -> Timestamped link / 3 min answer

What risks do you see for the EOS launch? -> Timestamped link / 4 min answer

Is EOS competing with Graphene? -> Timestamped link / 5 min answer

Top Tweets

DEXs are the future, but did you know #bitshares had been a fully working and proven DEX for the last 4 years.

— Spark (@BitsparkLtd) April 26, 2018

DPOS Decentralization vs Bitcoin & Ethereum #eosio #bitcoin #ethereum

— Daniel Larimer (@bytemaster7) May 6, 2018

Ethereum is great, but Bitshares is better. "The benefits of building on Bitshares far out weights the benefits of building on Ethereum"

— Spark (@BitsparkLtd) April 26, 2018

We hope you enjoyed this event. Spark will be holding more Meet Ups and events in the future with the aim to share collective knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency topics from application, development, business and product building. Let's build crypto's community for better understanding about the future together!

Spark is interested in helping communities grow by providing free materials and information from our Meet Ups. Please contact [email protected]

(As of 2018, Bitspark was rebranded to Spark)


Great explanation of BTS and stablecoins, thanks

What's the deal with the light gray questions between the videos? Perhaps your post was mangled (light gray text should be links, each video different)?

I watched the first 12 minutes of first video, then began watching the last video and it was identical.

What I saw was very good tho, and I will finish watching it later when I have more time.

You're doing great things George! Keep at it!!


This post the markup looks a bit weird on , not sure why. Anyways thanks for posting the first video. I'm busy watching it and so far it is very interesting.

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