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BitShares Global Online Summit

The BitShares Online Summit was successfully held on October 10th, 2019. The online summit was initiated by the BitShares Core Team to help improve the communication across our entire community. Organized by Spark Blockchain, 200+ people participated in the Online Summit and actively discussed topics related to worker proposals, project vision, and marketing. 

The BitShares Online Summit contains some fantastic and detailed insights into work and achievements of the past 2 years. Listen to the below speaker slots which include Q&A segments. It is hoped a consequence of these sessions will encourage cooperation. More shared-thought leadership will result in wider success for all stakeholders and workers around the BitShares Blockchain.

Worker Report Session

In the worker report session, Ryan R. Fox from the Core Team gave the first speech. Ryan began with a reminder that the Decentralized 2019 conference is coming up soon. He then introduced the employee structure and duties of the core development team. He mentioned that the Core Team believes block producing, price feeding and market operation could be separate.

Ryan R. Fox

Ryan also noticed that the major voting proxies can respond to market changes in a timely manner, and letting proxies be responsible for the operation could help the platform react to market changes quickly.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

Digital Lucifer

In this regard, Digital Lucifer spoke on behalf of the workers he manages and from the perspective of BitShares as a business. In his speech, Digital Lucifer first gave a brief recap on BitShares' development process from its inception to the present. Then he mentioned that the voting proxy being responsible for market operation is reasonable, but not without some potential problems as a consequence of doing so incorrectly.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

Stefan Schießl

Stefan Schiessl from the UI team mentioned in his speech, in addition to operation issues, BitShares should also work to add new features. He also pointed out that BitShares needs to develop features such as recurring payments to attract more clients.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)


Besides, Cryptick from the DEXBot Team gave a detailed introduction to the team's current financing status, project progress and future plans. He explained the principles of the DEXBot-related arbitrage strategies and its contribution to improving BTS liquidity – 57% of the order in the bitCNY / BTS trading pair adopted their strategy.

The attendees actively asked questions about DEXBot-related technical issues, development plans and their contributions to the BitShares ecosystem.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

Yangming and Yuan Bao Ba Ba

Representing the Chinese community, Yangming and Yuan Bao Ba Ba then spoke in the worker report session. Yangming from the Mobile Team gave a detailed introduction to the current status and future plan of the BitShares Mobile Wallet developed by his team. He pointed out that his mobile app currently has about one-sixth of the active users of BitShares, and the team will place further focus on user experience and operations going forward.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

CN-VOTE's representative, Yuan Bao Ba Ba, discussed a possible flaw in the design of BitShares' financial structure, expressed support for the proposal that set threshold for BitCNY and BitUSD feed price, and shared his idea that paying workers in the form of options might be more reasonable.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

Marketing Session

In the marketing session, Shirley Dai from US Blockchain discussed the importance of marketing for BitShares. She pointed out that BitShares needed to build up a professional marketing team to specify marketing targets and develop a PR plan. She mentioned that the current BitShares Newsletter is a good marketing method.

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

Project Vision Session

In the project vision session, Ryan R. Fox and Nathan Hourt from the Core Team then outlined their ideas on the future development of BitShares. Ryan pointed out that mobile development is a top priority for now, so the community should put effort into the cross-chain transfer, asset security, and governance.

Nathan believes that since BitShares is a decentralized financial platform, the current main goal is to attract more dApp developers on to the blockchain and provide them with an advanced development environment. Nathan has detailed the framework of a proposed general solution for smart contracts and pointed out the framework can simulate direct person-to-person contract execution in the real world. 

Tencent video (cn)
YouTube video (en)

The Summit was held online, thus providing a convenient way for investors, developers, and users of BitShares around the world to join the conference.

Most importantly the summit had simultaneous Chinese and English interpreters for clear communication across the communities.

The recording of this Summit has meanwhile been uploaded to Tencent video (Chinese language) and YouTube (English language). Follow the direct links above or the playlist below to listen.

BitShares Online Summit YouTube - full playlist

BitShare Online Summit

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