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in bitshares •  11 months ago

As per the promise for managing escrow operations for workers and freelancers on behalf of the BitShares Blockchain and in correspondence with our recent accounting report, we have started giving back excess funds from the workers we have managed so far.

The operation with id 1.11.120681976 is our first batch of 150,000 BTS being reserved (e.g. given back to the working budget/reserves). As of today, 782,339.68910 BTS are yet to be reserves. Our current strategy is to reserve those funds in medium-sized chunks to avoid falsifying weekly statistics.

BitShares Blockchain Foundation

BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Zutphenseweg 6
7411 ZB Deventer
The Netherlands
Registration: KVK-66190169

Official Public Face and sole Spokesperson of the BitShares Blockchain {more}

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This is a great example of responsible administration. Thank you.


Yes, This actually gives hope in the Bitshares project.

Vote and resteemit done

Upvoted nice post keep it up

Could you please explain what do you mean by giving back?

very nice