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Yesterday, the BTS holders have voted in favor of the worker proposal 201710-spokesperson that was submitted by the BitShares Blockchain Foundation. The worker proposal arose in response to the turmoil around BitShares last week. Being appointed as an official representative highlights BitShares' technical strength and governance process of this unique decentralized and autonomous community (DAC). To address these difficulties that come with being a DAC, the BitShares Blockchain Foundation proposed to function as the only spokesperson for BitShares in external communication and to become the public face of BitShares. The approval of the proposal results in a mandate that will be active for as long as proposal keeps the required approve during the next 15 months.

We would like to emphasize that this mandate does not allow us to direct the future of the BitShares blockchain. If we see need for further approval by BTS holders or we to make changes to the underlying protocol, separate proposals will need to undergo the scrutiny of the BTS holders by means of approval voting.

We would like to say thank you to all involved! We feel very honored by the trust and faith the community has given to us and are highly committed to prosper in this new role and thereby contribute to the growth of BitShares.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage everyone interested in meeting the people behind the BitShares Blockchain Foundation to make an appointment for a personal meeting at

Stichting Bitshares Blockchain Foundation
Business Innovation Campus (BIC) De Gasfabriek
Zutphenseweg 6b
7418 AJ Deventer
The Netherlands

or reach out to the spokesperson via email.


This is fantastic news. I'm truly impressed at how the BitShares community worked together to make this happen. This demonstrates the willingness of the community to support the success of BitShares. Bravo and I wish all the best to the BitShares Blockchain Foundation.

Congrats, exciting times!

First of all, being one of the people that voted for this worker, congratulations!

Some suggestions in getting started (which to be fair I believe you're probably already acting on)

a) Create an internal comms channel (be it slack, telegram group, whatever) between the UI , Core, BBF teams as well as commitee members) so that the BBF is notified of any events/changes/bugs/releases/etc. in order to make appropriate and timely announcements.

b) Figure out what the official public-facing communications channels will be for Bitshares. One of the main ones should be an official and VERIFIED twitter account imho.

c) At least one person from a different time-zone should be part of the team handling those channels in order to provide updates and notifications for events outside BBFs "normal" working hours.

Although such communications and notifications are "mundane" and not the same business-wise as say representing Bitshares at a conference, they will do wonders for the "public image" of the Bitshares ecosystem.

Hope the team does well!

upvoted and resteemed! Glad to see the network moving forward in a positive direction :)

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