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Approved Spokesperson

Yet another industry-first

The BitShares Blockchain Foundation approaches the BitShares token holders to approve us (a Dutch non-profit foundation) to become public spokesperson of its decentralized and distributed ecosystem.

In our opinion, this will grow confidence in the platform and allow new businesses to approach a legal entity for consultation. This will also enable the BitShares platform to approach businesses directly that are under the scrutiny of regulatory and compliance bodies.

From the Proposal:


The strength of BitShares is that of its technical superiority, but by nature of its decentralized and autonomous community organization all the rest is not continuously attended unlike in most other platforms. Over the last week, this created a major problem for our community.

In a decentralized ecosystem, we are not looking for leaders or owners, but we are looking for leadership.

The strength of BitShares is that of technical superiority, and distributed governance, but by nature of its decentralized and autonomous community organization all the rest is not continuously attended unlike in most other platforms. In some areas now with very undesirable effects. There is no one following a bigger picture, not business development, public relations, or even marketing. This needs to change.

Our team is based throughout Europe and has two bodies in the shape of Foundations:

  • BitShares Foundation, that deals with eduction sessions on request and Escrow services and
  • BitShares Blockchain Foundation, that deals with processing worker proposals and technical aspects of the platform, as well as keeping in touch with broader community.

In order to grow strength and gain sufficient traction several things need to change. All we need in order to do so is the support of the BitShares holders.


Another new proposal tries to fund ongoing efforts to ensure compliance of the BitShares platform. Conversations with regulators and compliance officers revealed some obstacles that stand in the way of becoming a compliant asset, and platform. The company Blockchain Projects BV offered to tackle those and smoothen the way for greater adoption.

From the Proposal:


As many already know, there was an announcement made by a major exchange partner to de-list BTS from their books. This resulted in a loss of $100 Mio. in BitShares valuation. In combination with market pegged assets, this resulted in unpleasant and unforeseeably consequences for many BitShares users.

The de-listing indicates a trend in view of recent activity by the SEC and other regulators and governments worldwide that will only increase as the whole blockchain space matures. A trend towards BitShares that is a strong signal to adapt to new conditions that rapidly close in on the platform.

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Just occurred to me that you might find something of interest in a recent post of mine regarding potential marketing ideas for BitShares.

What BitShares Should Be Doing


Thanks for sharing this link @cryptographic . Will look into this post too.

Were you ale to check the mention I made for you in the post this morning? I made a post about a letter that a STEMIAN (myself) makes to a facebook and twitter user. Looking forward to your thoughts on it. @gold84

Our mission is to

  • grow the global recognition of BitShares as a financial technologies platform
  • forward worker proposals to increase marketing and technology
  • guide further development of the BitShares core backend
  • introduce new features to the platform
  • partner with businesses that are already growing within and outside of the Graphene-family

This looks promising. The next step is selling yourselves. I'd be happy to help with any copy editing you might need, wish you the best of luck, and will be following along with great interest. 😋


I agree with you @cryptographic , this project looks promising. Will starr to follow it closer. Just upvoted your comment. @gold84

compliance is a nice to have, but not really needed. If a company sees business in it, they will take initiative.

as for spokesperson:

need to think about it. at first glance the only value I see for $50k would be xeroc's involvement.

Too bad the elected committee can't come up with something of value.

Interesting development. I'm really liking Bitshares and have been trading on the DEX for a little over a month now.

A concerted and strategic marketing plan seems like it would be good for Bitshares. Though, there are some independent people doing good promotion with videos and blog posts. Perhaps there are not enough independent content producers promoting Bitshares.

If you can get voted in as a committee member then sure, otherwise it's not a legitimate spokesperson election. Establishing a stronger presence on the bitshares hangouts would provide further credibility of spokesperson worthiness.


I'd also stay away from any compliance as to not get BitShares under the law. The last thing you need is to loose your freedom. It's the business which need to get out of the legal stranghold and get on a blockchain.

There's no need to pay taxes to pay goverment debt which go to the City of London and the Vatican anyway. I'd urge anyone looking into these old contracts. Because compliance with the legal system is shooting themselves in the foot.

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