Will Bitshares Surge with Peerplays Sharedrop?

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PTS holders back in the old days watched this phenomenon repeatedly. In order to receive shares in a Bitshares-related DAC, users must hold BTS in a native BTS wallet. PEERPLAYS is sharedropping in September, so it's possible we will see a surge in BTS price as people scramble to move funds out of exchanges and onto the blockchain.


That's what i thought too

i bought at 6000 and i am still holding it :)

Not quite so high but I bought at 5000 and would have been easy to stop loss at -10% but I have faith in the system, developers and community.

Loving this mini bull run, we'll see a lot more in terms of growth in the next 12 months.

I was holding and bought a little more immediately after I heard the news. It's already starting to rise. I won't sell this time. I tried to short my NXT thinking excitement would wear off from the ARDOR snapshot promo, what a mistake that was. I still hold a little but nowhere near what I had. Not planning on making the same mistake with BTS

I would say so, with every other system setup on Graphene.
I'm still waiting for the big boys to bite, though.
Hope its gonna happen sooner than later.

Been waiting patiently for some time. Glad to see support of the Graphene ecosystem.

Up 20% so far. Would be fun if Peerplays just sparked the next BTS bullrun :)

Totally agree! Take a read of this for more reasons why Bitshares are poised for takeoff https://steemit.com/bitshares/@shane-loomb/are-bitshares-ready-for-takeoff