Bitshares GUI Release 2.0.180201, 2.0.180215, 2.0.180301, 2.0.180315

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Finally catching up on posting feature and bug updates for the Bitshares UI. I've gotten lazy writing up these summaries so I thought I'd try my hand at a video presentation. Hope you enjoy the format. Most notable items are:

  • Withdraw Modal (beta)
  • Improvements to loading long lists of assets
  • Continued work towards minimizing socket disconnects
  • New focus on UX/UI with added budget from worker proposal

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Excellent work, Bill! The video was a bit long, but you covered a lot of information for over three months and you kept it interesting, so I think that's an excellent format to use. For those who are interested in the evolution of BitShares UI, this was really informative, and I like how you invited others to participate while explaining how you've been organizing things. When Calvin came through Nashville we talked a bit about that withdrawal model. Seems like that one turned into quite a challenge with some yak shaving as well. :)

You all are doing an excellent job and as a BTS holder and regular user of the BitShares DEX, I'm really thankful for your efforts. Keep rocking it!

Thanks. Yeah the next videos should be shorter. Hope you are enjoying PR.

Appreciated, bill.

I am hoping for some help from someone. I have been using the dex, through openledger for maybe 9 months. I assumed that I would always have easy access to my full account history but apparently this isn’t the case. Can someone help me with how I can extract my full account history to a CSV? I have not kept a record due to the assumption I already mentioned and I need it for tax reasons.

I would really appreciate some help but it needs to be non technical or it won’t do me any good.

I may guess that it is related to Bitshares UI #68 issue.

I appreciate the response, and I have gone through that post, but if there is a solution there, I cannot identify it, much less understand or apply it.

That is why I am asking for a solution that is described in a non technical way.

Further to this, it looks like this is a longstanding issue. Why is it that the devs can’t dedicate a bit of time to come up with a solution that can be used by anyone? It is really astonishing that it is so difficult to get one’s account history. Every other platform makes this simple.

It's due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain. We are forced to copy the chain into a database in order to get decent performance for history queries and of course, the database itself is not decentralized, so it's not a logical fit. This will happen in time.

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