Latest Bitshares UI Bug with Withdraw Modal (beta)

in bitshares •  9 months ago

Bitshares Users

Please do not use the Withdraw (beta) modal on the latest UI update 180302 until further notice. We have identified a bug in the Intermediate Gateway for Openledger. Very sorry and thanks for your patience. I have notified Ronny as well.

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180306 supercedes 180302 and is at now.

Thank you @billbutler For awareness
Hope this bug will be fixed soon

Really appreciate this info alot. Because alot might br experiencing difficulty but how which they can get this info just to keep their mind in check. But thanks for sharing this to steemains

I really wish the UI for bitshares could. I have a lifetime account and I get Scared to bring people because the UX for bitshares is only easy for those who are already trading


It's getting better every day. The financial services platform is attracting all kinds of innovative companies who don't want to build a token from scratch.

Thanks, Bill. Good luck. Curious what the future holds for Bitshares. I don't think it can last in parallel with EOS if it's not incorporated inside.


We can agree to disagree :)

ok thank also to father, for having informed him if no pak inform this maybe we all not

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