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My name is Bill Butler and I have been active in the Bitshares blockchain since the Protoshares days. I have also been active in the bitshares-ui repo by prioritizing tasks and updating the user experience. I am an experienced systems administrator and run a fleet of servers for mission-critical use.

I have set up a full node and plan to add a full-time API node in the US. This will be available from the AWS us-east-1 region. Currently, only the Dallas, TX node offers low latency in the US. I am also working to update the docker configuration with the help of @xeroc to make it easier for others to maintain full nodes.

I will ensure that the nodes under my control are patched for security vulnerabilities and have the latest production bitshares-core code. Please open up your BTS wallet and cast your vote for me:

My witnessname is: billbutler-witness

Do not vote for the witness: billbutler. I'd like to run my witness on a separate account.

Thanks for your support!

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Will vote. Thank you for all your hard work on Bitshares - you are doing some amazing things!

Here is some support, vote for billbutler-witness on Bitshares now!

Please all upvote comment from @buy-bitcoin as best way to stay on top and present direct URL for voting billbutler-witness.

I'm sure you will do an excelent job.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I know he is doing already excellent job. Bill, You'll have by end of today 7 votes as courtesy and support of !

Good luck with election!




You have my support.

Excellent to hear! You have my vote

Thanks everyone for your support. I am now a BTS Witness. I need to set up my price feeds now and am waiting on some guidance here, but hopefully by end of day.