Bitshares GUI Release 2.0.180115

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In 180115 we release a new header on the Exchange, fixed a variety of issues associated with accounts prior to a user logging in, close the send modal after success, and made some small Deposit Modal tweaks


The Exchange header now shows values more prominently and minimized the size of the labels. It also spans the entire width in an effort to reduce wrapping on narrow browsers. We have not addressed fully responsive design yet. This change is in preparation for the upcoming TradingView integration.

Exchange Header

We separated the Accounts list from the Markets. These never really belonged together. While we expect some pushback on this, we hope to alleviate some concerns when we separate the account switcher menu from the navigation menu in the next release. Thanks for your patience on this.

The deposit modal was getting called from Portfolio even when certain exchanges had not yet been activated in the GUI. While we haven't actually added the new exchanges yet, we do plan to add BRIDGE and GDEX once we can communicate with and test their API.

This was a very short Sprint since the the most recent one ended on 1/8. Still shooting for Withdraw and TradingView by the 180201 release.

Future plans include:

  • Redesigned Withdrawal
  • Tradingview integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Friendlier multisig interface

For a summary of bugs and features, check out the Release Page.

For a detailed view of all closed issues in the Sprint, check out the closed Milestone.

Binary downloads for Linux, Windows and OS X are all located on this page in addition to the standard Bitshares Downloads location.


Proceeds from this post will be divided between @svk and me.


I am more excited about Tradingview integration! Can't wait to trade on the new environment!

Amazing changes in UI, especially exchange header! Keep up! Resteem-ed and upvoted!

Thanks for the update Bill :) Upvoted and resteemed.

Hey Bill can we get like the dollar amount for the assets being traded in the exchange view and also to gauge market depth? That would help tremendously.

@billbbutler, this is awesome that you guys are working on this! I can def see BTS being a lot higher in the near future! Constant updates, and future proofing the platform. One thing I am looking forward to on the 180201 release is

  • Tradingview integration &
  • Withdrawls

nice topic friend good luck

Pretty cool update. Keep on improving :)

"In 180115 we release..."

So nice when people are thinking long term :)

Thanks for information..learn more from you about new bitshare market.

Glad to see you guys are putting so much effort into the UI. I feel like UI is everything to the end user.

Realmente unos cambios extraordinarios!

It's nice to see those changes in the UI.

It's seems like it's noob-friendly, which is really good for me as I'm no expert.

Keep up with the good work.

I would love to visit there. Great article!

Very Nice and informative
Keep it up

great blog my friend. regards

I like your post ... thank you for sharing.

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Thx @billbutler, again a good new step in the ever long way forward..

I got it but what's up with the nodes in Europe?

Please feel free to try:


Even if it says down, click Activate!

BTW the German nodes are fine now so it must have been the panic selling I guess?

It's too slow sorry, latency was > 1s

Great, I will. I'm not sure what witnesses make but I was wondering being in Prague, central Europe, crypto friendly.... Next to Switzerland.. ;)

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And are there any plans to add Bitcoin Cash support?

Never mind to that too, I see that I can at least use blocktrades, but still would love to see an Open.BCH

awesome summary best of luck

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Hey, where do I find the Accounts that I was watching? I see that they are gone from the homepage Markets page, and I can see when I search for someone that I am still following them, but I can't find my comprehensive list where I can see all the accounts I am watching together. Anyone?

Never mind, I found it!

Nice digital display and really easy to access the bitshare exchange and with the look of things, its much reliable. Thanks for this good work done🖒

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