Bitshares GUI Release 2.0.180108

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In 180108 we release a beta version of the deposit modal and removed the beta label from the send modal. We also fixed a problem that kept users from downloading their old .bin file from We resolved a number of bugs as well.


Known accounts are now displayed in a typeahead and are displayed in green if they are in your contacts. This should help minimize sending to unknown users.


We awarded the bounty for the UDF wrapper which sets the stage for Tradingview integration. Really hoping to have tradingview in place during the next sprint or two.

We moved the language selection to the account registration page to make it easier for new users to become oriented.


We refactored open orders. It's still a work in progress, but we hope to be getting closer to a meaningful UI here.


Other Improvements

  • Increased the precision of the collateral slider to 1% from 5%
  • Improved the Help area styling
  • Created some UX for responsive design
  • Fixed numerous bugs

Future plans include:

  • Redesigned Withdrawal
  • Tradingview integration
  • Responsive Design
  • Friendlier multisig interface

For a summary of bugs and features, check out the Release Page.

For a detailed view of all closed issues in the Sprint, check out the closed Milestone.

Binary downloads for Linux, Windows and OS X are all located on this page in addition to the standard Bitshares Downloads location.


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Awesome !
We made a custom wallet on it, works very nicely. Thanks !


Can you tell me about your prop trading?


sorry @john-robert I missed you message. What would you like to know ? Best would be to chat on our Telegram 😊


Ok great, thank you. See you over in Telegram.

Great updates! I'm looking forwards to your future contributions to Bitshares :)

TradingView charts will be a great addition.

It'd be cool if the 'borrow' modal got some love, when you're configuring your ratios it hides information from you (Ie how much BTS I have), if there was the ability to select 10x ratio then 'use all BTS' to auto fill the debt field, that'd be great :)


Yes, I think the collateral screen needs a full overhaul.

It looks very good. I had a memory issue with the last iteration (Mac) that forced me to restart the app sometimes. Not a big deal and I didn't have enough info to open a issue. Will monitor it.

About the account part, open orders and margins: I wish there was a summary on total held. As it is now, I either have to go to cryptofresh or sum it up manually.

My two bitshares....


Still trying to figure out the best way to display this. Understand the concern here.

Thanks for the update Bill. Great to see the progress with Bitshares!

indeed seems like a great feature on the green-known-person UI change; HOWEVER: we're still confused on the difference between OpenLedger exchange and BitShares exchange-- aren't they the same? Does one get more development than the other? Should we exit OpenLedger and sign in for Bitshares DEX because it has more developers?

Also, what is the withdrawal fees on Bitshares if you withdraw Steem back to a Steemit wallet? We found these fees to be quite high on OpenLedger, which makes it unwieldy for smaller amounts.


Openledger is a gateway built on the Bitshares Exchange Platform. That's it. OpenLedger charges the fees for their gateway services, not us.


Thanks for the response.

"Gateway": Looked that up, it just means a link between two entities. Not sure that fully explains it, sometimes it's best to know who owns what.
Does BitShares have control over OpenLedger or vice versa?
Which platform recieves updates first, if developers change something on one side or the other?

Again, how much does it cost to move money out of BitShares Exchange Platform, if removing Steem currency? We saw some fee schedules, but they were VERY confusing in terms of definitions.

From your reply, it sure seems like it's better to sign up for BitShares Exchange Platform, as it's senior to OpenLedger?

Also, can one use the Steemit private key to gain entry into BitShares Exchange Platform, without having to do a seperate sign-up process since BitShares was initiated by the same founder?

when will this bitShares be in indonesia @billbutler


It's on the Internet. Don't they have Internet in Indonesia?

Bitshares has been my rescuer and helped me when our indian exchange went down. I do have a problem though. yesterday I withdrew 0.57 open ETH to my Indian wallet and it has not been deposited. I have notified the open ledger support team. Would somebody help me verify whether the txn has been processed? A member said that it was due to eth congestion. I hope I dont lose my money


I recommend using LTC for moving value outside the DEX right now.


thanks for the suggestion


The congestion is pretty massive at the moment. That said, I hope you can get some help.


thanks sir, I need the wishes to get thru this

I'm looking forward to the TradingView integration!
I'd also love to see the addition of Stop-Limit orders.

This is really innovative. A great solution for the people of bitshare lovers. Indeed I had a serious issue with bittrex. I couldn't buy bitcoin when the price was around 0.10$. Indeed you're savior of many and your presence is really in the best interest of community. Keep it up @billbutler.

I would be happy to participate in a Hungarian translation project.


Awesome, Open an issue, submit a PR. I will pay 4 hours.


I want to contribute for the Greek translation for free. Hope to manage to find the time this month.

Keep going guys. Getting there! God bless!

These look like wonderful changes, well done Bill

Good job bill. Very nice.

Wow thx for the update @billbutler, I can't say it's better because its GREAT already.. so congratz with the release

That is something that I really want to appreciate form bottom of my heart. This is a real hard work which will pay... @ billbutler I believe that this will be bug free with zero confusion.. #Thanks you for your service for the community buddy!

@billbutler.. This is in fact a great job to update it. Bug free to rely on it.. #thanks a tone buddy...

Keep up the good work @billbutler

Excellent news! I'm always struck by how few in the crypto community that know about Bitshares and now other competitors are coming out with their own DEXes.

Would it be possible to contact sites such as Coinmarketcap and make sure they listed Bitshares on the exchanges tab for different currencies more consistently? I see a lot of small exchanges there, but hardly ever Bitshares.

Bitshares next wave eye on $2.10


I wouldn't mind seeing that. Guess we need to deal with $0.35 first.