Bitshares GUI Release 2.0.171219

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In 171219 we spent time working towards deposit and withdraw modals but were unable to fully test. Additionally, we added a news area and fixed some bugs.


We now have a news area within the wallet. Anything posted or resteemed by steem account bitshares.fdn will show up in this feed.


The Explore menu now follows the new hierachical top menu structure rather than presenting the large "cards".


We added back the Create Account option for local wallets which was mistakenly removed in the previous version.

Future plans include:

  • Redesigned Deposit / Withdrawal
  • Tradingview integration
  • Responsive Design

For a summary of bugs and features, check out the Release Page.

For a detailed view of all closed issues in the Sprint, check out the closed Milestone.

Binary downloads for Linux, Windows and OS X are all located on this page in addition to the standard Bitshares Downloads location.


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Redesigning the Deposit/Withdrawal might very well help a lot of people usually unused to trading and its usual lingo. the looks of the site itself is becoming impeccable, very professional and easy of approach.

Thanks for all you are doing to help us all on Bitshares, namaste :)


I'd add that you might want to combine the Send with the Deposit / Withdraw or at least include a link Deposit / Withdraw in the Send window. Just a quick suggestion but I do have quite some experience with UX!


Send is very different from Deposit withdraw. I'd have to disagree with you on this point.

Update, It appears there is a bug in the News area for the downloaded light wallet. We are looking into the cause.


Can confirm this. It's completely blank.


I keep referring people to Bitshares and Steem and directing them to Openledger. I always get a million questions about withdrawing and depositing funds. Where should I send them for answers? Is there an Open Ledger tutorial I can refer them to? Ironically several of these guys are traders and they are texting me with a million questions. I've been trading over there for a while, but I am certainly not the most qualified instructor! :) I recommended bitshares and steem to some people this week and they purchased just before the bump in price. At this point I look like I have a crystal ball! hope it lasts.


I'm hoping that the new Deposit/Withdraw modals will bring more clarity.

Excellent to see the updates and this release. I'll be downloading for Linux soon.

Thank you!

<3 Love It! <3 Also congrats on bitshares increase in value!

@billbutler thanks for bringing this update to the community. I am glad to hear it.

What the deal with that horrible (Beta) mark on the send button? Please, can someone tell the guys to take that out? That makes the wallet seems just released which I know is not.


It's to make sure that people know it's just a beta version of send. We need to get proposed transactions working properly before we can completely remove the old send endpoint.

I saw in a recent GUI release thread that the MPA private price feed publishers can now be specified via the GUI, but I was unable to find this in the smartcoin settings - where can I find this new GUI functionality?

Keep these updates coming, they're excellent! :D


I would imagine it's under Issued Assets under whichever Smartcoin was created, but I haven't actually laid eyes on that feature.

good idea

Hi, I would like to understand better about the use of Bitshares if you could explain me please @billbutler

I am a new Bitshares user and I have been reading about it and Bitshares looks interesting.

Also, suggest me a few guides and resources to learn more.

Thank you.

I keep getting this error:

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 3.13.51 PM.png

I've tried different browsers and also the stand alone download on both the mac and windows sides of my iMac to no avail. I have high speed internet.

@billbutler, thank you for the very informative update, you guys are doing an excellent job.

Something off topic, do you have a contact for me where I can discuss BitUSD. I was looking to put a substantial amount into BitUSD, but as with all things tried a small amount of $1000.00 first to make sure I could get the money back out when I wanted to. I have tried two seperate asset settlements which show under my account activities as been successfully processed, but the margin still shows as a debt of $1000.00. If you can give me the contact details of anyone who can help I would appreciate it. Unfortunately under Help/support it directs you to the exchanges and I am unable to find anything re support for Thank you in advance for your help.


Do you want to collateralize BTS and create bitUSD or are you just looking to buy bitUSD?


Hi Bill, Thanks for getting back to me. I am colleteralizing BTS to create BitUSD so that I can buy more BTS. Currently I have created BitUSD1000.00 as a small trial. The issue I am having is in closing the position or a part thereof. I applied to settle $12.00 of the $1000.00, which shows in my activity section as being completed, my problem is that it still shows that I have a margin of $1000.00 . No idea what happened to the $12.00. I would like to collateralize 400,000 BTS, but not until I can get it working properly. Thanks in advance for your help.