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Great stuff, Bill! Short and sweet update. I love it.

Excellent work to everyone involved - we're seeing massively beneficial changes to BTS in rapid succession! Looking forwards to the next couple months of improvements! :)


Agreed - bts has a great community and is growing fast.

Thanks, bill. I had the weirdest issues initially with this release. Dashboard button would not show at first. And the connection would play tricks on me. Both these issues resolved itself by a bit of tinkering and now it's ok. Huge improvement from last iteration that needed a restart once a day.

Great stuff. This UI is so classic.

Very good format - 3-5 minutes is the best!

Good alternative

The best client release so far. Keep the good work up!

Thank you so much for the updates about bitshares,

Socket performance improvements and bug fixes!

Stay Blessed @billbutler :)