Bitshares GUI Release 2.0.180401

in #bitshares5 years ago

Socket performance improvements and bug fixes!

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Great stuff, Bill! Short and sweet update. I love it.

Excellent work to everyone involved - we're seeing massively beneficial changes to BTS in rapid succession! Looking forwards to the next couple months of improvements! :)

Agreed - bts has a great community and is growing fast.

Thanks, bill. I had the weirdest issues initially with this release. Dashboard button would not show at first. And the connection would play tricks on me. Both these issues resolved itself by a bit of tinkering and now it's ok. Huge improvement from last iteration that needed a restart once a day.

Great stuff. This UI is so classic.

The best client release so far. Keep the good work up!

Very good format - 3-5 minutes is the best!

billbutler..thanks,nice post

Good alternative

Thank you so much for the updates about bitshares,

Socket performance improvements and bug fixes!

Stay Blessed @billbutler :)


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