Success! Our first Blockchain Academy Workshop today putting BitShares in the limelight

in bitshares •  last year

Today we held our first Blockchain Academy Workshop for a group financials in Enschede/Netherlands!

The group had prepared themselves well by ao creating their account at the BitShares Testnet;


So today, after a one hour introduction to blockchain, they enthusiastically started creating, sending and trading their own assets on the testnet.


We ended the workshop with a Q&A that clearly showed how impactful the financial blockchain, and certainly BitShares, can be on people's futures.

Meanwhile the testnet proved to be a worthwhile, pleasant and playful way to learn what blockchain and BitShares are about.



Blockchain Academy
Zutphenseweg 6
7418 AJ Deventer
The Netherlands

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This is cool :)

Is there a video of the workshop that you can share with us?
Keep up the good work!

What you are doing is priceless for the bitshares community! Thanks for your efforts!

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Nice photo,can Upvote my photo please !