Per Ronny Boesing - It Is Confirmed For Today, June 13th, BTS To Be Listed On

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I am invested in Bitshares (BTS) and try to follow the Bitshares Chat on Telegram as closely as time allows.

The other day I was cruising the chat and one of the many pieces of news that caught my attention was a post by Ronny Boesing, founder and CEO of OpenLedger ApS (, the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate.

He stated: "Great news now, bts and OBITS will be listed on the exchange with the second biggest eth volume in china on tuesday June 13th and bitcny one week later. Zengold tokens will be released on June 13th as well and OpenLedger will provide a market ZENGOLD_OPEN.ZSC for 1:1 conversion and then option to automate withdraw or deposit."

Since then, I have been excitedly awaiting June 13th, which comes early in China. I watched the BTS charts all day today expecting to see an increase in volume, but nothing much happened, except that BTS held its value quite well amid pretty much everything else taking a nosedive.

So, I started to wonder if maybe it wasn't going to happen and started seeing others on the Telegram Chat that had the same concern.

With a little frustration I added my echo of their inquiry.

My frustration grew when nobody seemed to care or even acknowledge the question at hand.


Then, in desperation I cried out that if Ronny Boesing were there he would set us straight.

Having little else to do at that point, my evening took its normal course.

Much to my surprise, just before I called it a night, a response came from Ronny!


As you can see, Ronny stated that it's confirmed for today! BTS will be listed on today!

I hope all of us BTS investors see a nice increase in our BTS portfolios tonight.

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Can I just go on telegram and follow the thread? I have it on my phone, but have not used it much. Seems like a good way to keep updated.

Yes, I believe so.

Looks like their site is down for maintenance ATM.

That may be a good sign!

I was trying to find exactly the same thing :) Thank you for your investigation ! I appreciate it.

I promoted this Post!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it.


Yes, very cool.