GDEX Launch IDHUB's ICO in Bitshares (GDEX.IDHUB)

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GDEX Launch IDHUB's ICO in Bitshare (GDEX.IDHUB)

 The ICO has a total of  6,852,000 initial tokens. The bitCNY is the payment currency and is accepted by GDEX. 

 Purchase time: May 18, 2018  20:00 (Beijing time GMT+8)

 Selling price:  1GDEX.IDHUB=1.995 bitCNY  

1. The price is based  on the ETH USD price on CoinMarketCap at 12:00 on May 17th, which is:  1GDEX.IDHUB=(712.03*6.4)/2284 bitCNY=1.995 bitCNY

2.  All GDEX accepted assets have a "GDEX" prefix. For example, IDHUB shows  the asset name GDEX.IDHUB. Please carefully identify the transaction! 

Project Introduction:
IDHUB  is a decentralized digital identity application platform based on open-chain principles and based on blockchain technology, with good technical compatibility and functional scalability. As an entry into the digital society, IDHUB conducts a reasonable verification  of the validity, authenticity, and uniqueness of personal identities through blockchain technology, and strives to restore identity control  rights from third-party information service agencies back to  individuals. 

Create a complete and credible  “autonomous identity” and build a user-driven digital identity  management and application platform, as well as a secure, autonomous,  and trusted identity management mechanism, and eventually link  everything with digital identity (social services, digital assets, Digital Life, etc.) Vision.

Token Name: IDHUB
Abbreviation: IDHUB
Total tokens: 500,000,000 IDHUB (500 million)
Tokens available for Sale: 6,852,000 GDEX.IDHUB ( 6,852,000 IDHUB) (only  including GDEX sales, other platform counts are not counted) 

Project website:

White Paper: 

Direct Link to GDEX.IDHUB_CNY:


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I'll check it out. You got my vote here for witness also, I'm checking them all even if i have a proxy. :)

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