[ANN]: NOWCOIN MARKET GAME - Live today on BitShares Blockchain

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The Game is on! Join Nowcoin and trade to win - HUGE prize fund for 1000 eco-system pioneers

The start of Nowcoin as a market trading game and social experiment is the chance to really be a part of something potentially much bigger. For one thing, the game finishes - yet a new eco-system will be created ... bought to us by the Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation

"Nowcoin Market Game will be an amazing social experience and tons of fun. We believe that there are many ways for the creation of a new ecosystem. We vote on the fun way. Let’s play together an amazing market game, create a community, have a lot of fun and experience together. At the end, we will all win, if we are successful in setting up a vibrant crypto community." ~ Dr. Zoltan Toth, Co-Founder - Nowcoin

ICO/Project: NowCOIN

Type of a project: Market Making/Trading Game

Entity responsible: Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation

Founder/Speaker: Dr. Zoltan Toth (Law Industry)

BitShares Wallet Account: camitz-green-partners

Useful links:




More Details

• Social and contacts are available at the footer of the website.

• Links are still under development.

• In order to respect Community, Public API's and their Contributors, etc. Nowcoin is using a private API Node for the game, with Elastic Search enabled on well specified hardware.

• The website is just a bunch of official API calls organized into a market making game with results and scoreboards.

• Legal/airdrop details: @apasia.tech and Slovenian Non-Profit partner took responsibility by signing a non-profit agreement with Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation, where "Final Airdrop" means that at the end of the Game, the complete revenue from the nowcoin-exchange-pool account will be distributed among top 1000 holder accounts.


In the beginning, the total number of Nowcoins will be distributed to the following blockchain accounts:

Founders Pool: 10 million
Special Game Pool: 5 million
Exchange Pool: 50 million
Reward Pool: 45 million

Watch the video


Listen to the full session with the community on the BeyondBitcoin hangout recording from today!

TODAY'S LIVE STREAM RECORDING (May 5, 2018) STARTS 47 mins with Dr. Zoltan Toth (Cued)

Now available in Swedish!

[Swedish Translation] by @mrstaf
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Most amazing turn of events are coming around the corner of the cryptocurrency world and the gamification is taking over. So far, I am aware of 2 that are running on the Bitshares system! WICKED!!!

Thanks a lot for sharing, got to try it out now... Upvoted a full 100%, resteemed and shared!

Namaste :)


Thank you @eric-boucher, it is indeed exciting times all round for the BitShares Blockchain!

Thanks for the info. I register for starting the game.


We wish you the best of luck in the game!

wow huge price fund, love bitshare


Yes, they have really taken things seriously with this one!


im trying this game, but i not learned person


Well not to worry, you need to have a BitShares DEX account and know how to trade for this anyway. Should be pretty exciting just to follow and interesting to learn on the NowCoingame.com website, Medium, Twitter and of course here - myself @britcoins will post about it often, and official updates will be coming from account @apasia.tech

Its actualy amazing all the things that can be build on top of the bitshares blockchain!


Yes it is, we believe this is just the beginning of many more interesting and powerful projects that will come to BitShares. Part of our mission these days is to create infrastructure, eco-system and resources to help them do so.

really great nice offer, game on


Visit their website for more on how to take part!


Thanks for website.

A great game that can be earned from
I saw the whole video
Thank you so much for giving a nice news @apasia.tech



Many thanks, it is a game that will evolve into a permanent eco-system. One to watch ;)

Is it a cryptocurrency, and how can i earn it if yes.


You can earn cryptocurrency on Steemit also ;)
Please check out the website links in the post to learn more!


OK, thanks.

Very good infromation. Sir


Hope you will enjoy exploring the nowcoingame.com website for more!


OK boss

Bitshares blockchain is really creating milestone days after day. Really cool features and applications being developed on it.


We agree! Thanks!

great opportunity. Thank you for share this post.


You are most welcome. We sincerely hope it will bring something novel and powerful to existing traders, and attract more of them to discover BitShares at the same time. For anyone interested in cryptocurrency also, this project is a fantastic opportunity to learn and follow something from the ground up.

I love this project. the trading game is not the end game. you have to look beyong. I love the social part of it because people like to have fun by playing. Since it's open, transparent and not build as a scam people. It have a lot of potential. Congrat guys and i wish u all the best.


Thank you for your support and upvote. Yep - it is all about looking beyond! We could surely have said the same about BitShares from the start of this steemit account until now ;)

schaue ich mir an Danke!
Muss man BitShares einfach nur kaufen und stecken?
Hab mich angemeldet.
Kaufen und BitShares halten?
Danke auf jeden fall mal
sehr Interesant die BitShares


I know bitshare is very popular in the world.I like it.


Please Stop - @lover1

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Well he did mention bitshares but miss-spelled it with a missing 's'. It's also capitals BitShares.

Excellent shearing.
thanks for your information.

Happy Steeming.