I don't remember Poloniex adding it, but we have bitUSD there. Nubits is out this is the chance.

in bitshares •  3 years ago


Market makers? I know it's important providing the DEX with liquidity but this is an extremely good chance. Plus it's most likely the only way we can reach to a lot of people.

I think we should take the opportunity, volume is terrible of course but we could try to peg it better than USDT and have a tighter spread on BTC

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I think we should take the opportunity

Not sure I understand, what are you suggesting exactly?


provide the market with liquidity and try to make it the go to coin to hedge against volatility. the more smartcoins are used the more likely they will be created which will consequently boost bitshares price as bts gets locked in as collateral

Oh didn't notice either. Certainly great news


It's been awhile. Polo had it in the announcements for awhile.

BitUSD on poloniex. That's news to me. I wonder when that happened?