My humble entry to the WhaleShare Logo Contest

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Hi everyone! Just want to share my entry to the Whale Share Logo contest. Heres my humble entry.

Hope I am not to late to join this contest. Please help me to reach the 2nd round of this logo contest by upvoting my entry from this page:

Find my Whale logo artwork and upvote.

You might want to ask me to explain whats on my logo? Obviously its a combination of Bitshare logo, a whale and a steemit logo. What I am trying to portray here is :

  • Bitshare got a Steemit whale!

If you have some talent in graphics design, heres the following requirements.
• Entries must be 1000 px x 1000 px square
• Entries must be in .png format with a clear background
• Entries must include the Bitshares and Steem logos
• Entries must include a whale

Prizes for the 3 preliminary rounds are:
• First prize: 1000 whaleshares
• Second prize: 500 whaleshares
• Third prize: 250 whaleshares

Prizes for the final round are:
• First prize: 2000 whaleshares
• Second prize: 1000 whaleshares
• Third prize: 500 whaleshares

Thanks to @officialfuzzy for this contest.

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Thank you for the recognition :)

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wow thank you @randowhale I will surely blog about this as a testimonial :D


May I know when will I receive the upvote :)