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After the presentation of the Bitcoin years ago, the interest in blockchain technology has increased rapidly, and new cryptocurrencies have begun to be released, so now investors can find thousands of altcoins in various exchanges. In 2017, the increased value of the cryptocurrencies attracted so many investors around the world. However, starting from 2018, the value of almost all the coins and tokens decreased tremendously; therefore, high volatility and high risks in the cryptocurrency market have begun to be questioned by the authorities, investors, day traders and even hodlers. The number of new cryptocurrencies, ICOs, wallets, and exchanges rises exponentially in the last months offering eye-catching solutions and advanced services for the investors attracting much more people, but still, liquidity, scalability and volatility problems exist in the crypto world. Even people who are aware of the potential and value of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies do not want to invest in the crypto world because of the high risks. What people who are already invested in cryptocurrencies and potential investors request is the existence of user-friendly, transparent, affordable and secure insurance mechanism so that they can consider cryptocurrency investments, and the interest in the projects can increase quickly. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will have an excellent future for sure as the features of the technology and services offered by the new projects transform almost all the industries inevitable. The successful BITRUST team members who have valuable experience present the decentralized BITRUST platform based on the blockchain technology aiming at the decrease in the overall risks, and contributing to the further development of the cryptocurrency world. 


BTF Project Limited, UK-based company presents the premium insurance platform for the crypto world. Primarily, BITRUST will utilize the blockchain smart contracts to provide low cost and user-friendly insurance platform to offer the advanced service for the cryptocurrency investor altering the risk perception. All the crypto investors and especially newbie crypto enthusiasts will benefit from features of insurance platform such as developed risk management system, peer-to-peer interaction and unique smart contracts. 

The fundamental purpose of the BITRUST is to protect investors from the risks, high volatility, rapid changes in cryptocurrency market capitalization, the variety of exchanges and wallets, and serious incidents. Also, participants of the BITRUST platform will take advantage of the preventive measures within the platform that reduces the effects of uncertainty and security breaches. Furthermore, BITRUST detects one of the most significant issues in the market as the inactivity of the crypto hedge funds. In other words, the problem regarding hedging the positions of the investors constitutes a severe threat to cryptocurrency market. In fact, cryptocurrency, as well as potential investors, are aware of the rapid changes and disappointing results but unable to reach out the insurance platform. The decentralized BITRUST platform intends to decrease the effect of the market gap issue in the crypto world, so newbie, as well as typical crypto investors trading low volume crypto hedge funds, will benefit from the purchase insurance opportunity. BITRUST will protect them from the massive amount of losses and market volatility.       

As the number of coins, tokens, wallets, and exchanges increase day by day, the number of cryptocurrency investments and liquidity rise in the same direction, so BITRUST will fill the gap, support the cryptocurrency community and contribute to the spread and quick adoption of the blockchain technology. In addition to current features of the cryptocurrency world, there is also hacking and stolen funds issues that constitute severe threats to the crypto world, because people who are the victims of such incidents do not even consider reinvesting in the cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the BITRUST platform, insurers will be able to insure the predefined positions of the investors providing a fantastic risk management option for them. The primary objective of the platform is to offer insurance services for all types of investors including people who have trading volume of $100 and $100.000 monthly. In sum, decentralized BITRUST platform promoting p2p insurance service will attract new investors and overcome the challenges and risks for the cryptocurrency investors with the help of the blockchain smart contract technology.   


BTF Tokens  

BITRUST introduces the ERC20 Ethereum compatible BTF utility tokens for the all actors in the cryptocurrency community. BTF tokens will be used for the payment of fees. Holders of the BTF tokens will enjoy the growth of the BITRUST community, security, and predictability, and high liquidity, so early investors will have significant advantages holding the BTF tokens.      



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lets see if this ico will be a fly by the night scam. I wish you all the best of luck.

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