PRESS RELEASE - Bitnation acquires Global Challenges Foundation Director Carin Ism to lead new governance research unit in Amsterdam_

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A new research centre aimed at developing and prototyping the governance of the future opens in August under the auspices of Bitnation. The Future Governance Expedition (BFGE) is dedicated to mobilising a global community of futurists, academics, entrepreneur and technologists to explore and create the governance systems of tomorrow.


Bitnation Future Governance Expedition is the brainchild of Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Bitnation Founder and CEO, and the former director of the Global Challenges Foundation (GCF), Carin Ism, who orchestrated the New Shape Prize, a multimillion dollar competition calling for new ideas on global governance, and whom will be leading the organization.

“Having spent the last years at GCF, mapping governance innovation initiatives in over 180 countries, it’s become clear to me that the time is right to mobilise this wealth of ideas into common action across borders and institutions. The Bitnation Future Governance Expedition aims to systematise, synthesize, and prepare suggested upgrades to current governance, ranging from general aspects such as citizenship, automation, trust, and privacy – to the more detailed ins and outs of specific implementations.” - Carin Ism

The establishment of the Future Governance Expedition is announced on World Refugee Day as displaced populations are a clear symptom of the underlying problem of a failing governance systems. The rapid shifts of recent years have created a new world - but that world is running on an old operating system. Environmental challenges paired with technological disruption places humanity at a crossroads. We could be facing abundance or crisis. Both are highly likely - while continued status quo is increasingly unthinkable.

For the last four years, Bitnation has been pioneering the most forward-looking applications of new technology for governance, in order to prepare the governance upgrade that the present fast-paced changes urgently call for.

“Having a dedicated governance research arm enables us to explore technologies from an evidence based long-term perspective. The research results will feed into Bitnation’s Jurisdiction software development process. This will enable us to proactively anticipate and counter risks before they occur, rather than reacting to change unsighted. Having someone as experienced and methodical as Carin Ism at the helm makes me confident that BFGE will become a cutting edge organisation, delivering state of the art research at the nexus of governance methods and radical technologies.” - Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

For more information or interview requests please contact [email protected].

More information about Bitnation Future Governance Expedition can be found at


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