Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 11 - May 2018

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Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 11 - May 2018

Updates since last month:

  • Continued refactoring of mobile application (chat, transaction queue, wallet, account, UI/ UX improvements, etc)
  • End of ICO Phase II: Auction, Start of Phase III: Slow Release, and XPAT distribution
  • Agreements with wallets and exchanges
  • Continued community engagement (DApp and API infrastructure)
  • TODO

Continued refactoring of mobile app

Several changes are being made to the mobile application in support of the capability we will release end of Q2, including varieties of chat that include seamless transactions; transactions themselves (purchase, subscription, auction, etc); addition to the governance capability in "Nations;" multi-profile per device, etc

The current sprint (ends 8 June) completes the first phase of the "behind the scenes" support for transactions within mobile app, and will be a 0.4.5 release. Moderate user-facing updates, but more dramatic additions of functionality behind the scenes in support of the myriad of transactions that will soon be supported, as well as advancing the Nations capability.

End of ICO Phase II: Auction, Start of Phase III: Slow Release, and XPAT distribution

The ICO Phase II: Public Auction ended on April 25. So far approximately $4M has been raised in total. Phase III: Slow Release starts in July. Phase III will run over 24 months, selling 1% of the tokens per month, similar to EOS. The end price of XPAT in the auction was $0,0091, making the total value of XPAT $332M. The XPAT distribution is currently in progress, and will take until end of May to complete. The token address is 0xBB1fA4FdEB3459733bF67EbC6f893003fA976a82

The token symbol has changed from PAT to XPAT because another startup took the PAT spot on CoinMarketCap. The additional X stands for non-nation state currency, and the symbol as a whole, XPAT, sounds like expatriate - which is rather symbolic for Bitnation since the idea of self-sovereign people expatriating from an outdated nation state model to the Pangea jurisdiction is central to our philosophy :)

Agreements with wallets and exchanges

The token is currently available on Citowise and Chainrift, and more wallets and exchanges are added each week. This section will be continuously updated in every development update.

Community engagement for early adopters (API and Dapps)

Ongoing discussions have been conducted by CTO Kent Dahlgren and members of Bitnation's Ambassador team, led by Erik Vollstad. Formal recognition of statehood has been made by the Chiricahua Apache Nation, delivered personally by Chief Carlos Runningwolf, and discussions are ongoing regarding the manner by which they can leverage Bitnation Pangea to provide governance to their citizens. The Catalonian community, Venezuelan activists, and eco villages in Bali are other communities that are building on Pangea. In June we will announce a series of “incubated nations” which will receive XPAT and technical help to tailor make applications for their Nations, based on our DApp API.

TODO in the next few weeks ahead:

  • Finish refactor: mobile application
  • Finish updates to chat
  • Update to transaction queue
  • Wallet (added XPAT to existing support for Ether)
  • UI update (change to light colours)
  • Dapp engine & first Dapp Functionality: send money via chat
  • Dapp specification 1.0
  • Functional update to existing Nations
  • Nations transfer ownership how-to (document)
  • Solidity contract for Phase III
  • XBNX - XPAT Swap
  • XPAT Citizen Airdrop

Thank you for the great contribution to freedom!!!

Thank you for the great contribution to freedom!!!

When is Exchange kucoin,binance?
İ hope near time

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