Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 10 - April 2018

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Pangea Jurisdiction Development Update 10 - April 2018

Updates since last month:

  • Refactoring of mobile application
  • Launch on iOS (TestFlight)
  • PAT, Sale and Multisig contract deployment
  • Launch of ICO Phase II
  • Agreements with exchanges
  • Pangea go-to-market strategy
  • Q2 planning (API & Dapps)

Refactoring of mobile application

Several changes are being made to the mobile application in support of the capability we will release in Q2, including varieties of chat that include seamless transactions; transactions themselves; governance; multi-profile per device, etc

The current sprint (ends 27 April) completes most of the refactoring of the mobile app, and will be a 0.4.1 release. Minor user-facing updates, but dramatic work behind the scenes. The sprint that follows will be our first demonstration of the work we've been doing on parallel regarding addressing the "Who, Why, and What" if our customer's needs. That's when the lights turn on for this product.

Launch on iOS (via TestFlight)

Pangea v. 0.3.3 is available for Apple iOS. Download the TestFlight application from the Apple Store, then go to the following link to register for a release of Pangea that runs on iOS: please register with the email that is associated with your Apple ID. Once registered, you’ll receive an email with an invitation code to open the application in TestFlight.

PAT, Sale and Multisig contract deployment

The PAT, Sale and Multisig contracts has been deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and are fully operational. All contracts have been audited by ABDK and ZKlabs. The multisig contract used is the Gnosis wallet multisig, currently the most well tested Ethereum multisignature wallet on the market.

Launch of ICO Phase II

Phase II, the public ICO was launched on March 25th, and will end on April 25th. After that phase III the two year slow release phase will start. To participate, please follow the instructions on the token sale website:

Agreements with exchanges

Prior to the token launch, agreements with several wallets and exchanges has been put in place, including Bancor, CryptoCompare, Citowise, Ox and ChainRift (beta). About 10 others are currently being processed/ negotiated.

Community engagement for early adopters of Pangea and Q2 planning (API and Dapps)

CTO Kent Dahlgren presented at the Global Blockchain Conference in San Jose, discussing how Bitnation is delivering "decentralized solutions for the masses," illustrating the use cases as well as discussing how Bitnation engineering has been designing and developing an architecture to meet these stringent constraints. Afterwards, many members of Bitnation engineering met in San Jose, CA for Q2 product planning. We are working towards a goal of onboarding 100 incubated nations and Dapps, and "community engagement" relates to the formal beginning of this process.

TODO in the next few weeks ahead:

  • Dapp engine (plug-in to Pangea API)
  • Release of Pangea v. 0.3.4 on Android and iOS
  • Close ICO Phase II, Enable ICO Phase III
  • Create XBNX - PAT burn and swap event
  • Add PAT to exchanges already agreed with and get listed on more exchanges
  • Sample Dapps (transactions, arbitration, fitness scoring, governance essentials, etc)
  • Add PAT to the Pangea wallet

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