BITNATION Pangea Jurisdiction Desktop Client Roadmap

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BITNATION Pangea Jurisdiction Desktop Client Roadmap

Right now most of our development efforts are focused on developing the Pangea Jurisdiction desktop client. It will be Linux/ Mac/ Windows compatible. The focus has shifted significantly from the mobile app, in terms of focusing on integrations which makes it more user-friendly (the ability to setup a basic nation without any ETH, PayPal payment options, password recovery, etc) - in order to be able to get widespread market adoption. Please see a broad outline below. We'll release an updated high-level roadmap covering both the desktop client, the mobile app and XPAT developments, along with a blueprint and our go-to-market strategy in the next few weeks ahead.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 16.38.05.png

Pre - Alpha - Version 0.2

  • App Structure and Basic Layout ✔
  • API Communication Protocol ✔
  • Login, signup and password reset ✔
  • Update Information ✔
  • Nation Citizenship✔
  • Nation Management - Menu ✔
  • Nation Management - Nation settings ✔
  • Nation Management - Users/Citzens
  • Nation Management - Page Edition
  • Create a new nation
  • TOWNHALL (chat integration)
  • Chat management
  • Basic Permission system
  • Create Test and Production API
  • Wireframes and UI

Alpha - Version 0.3

  • Paypal Payment System
  • Different Nations plans
  • GOVMARKET transfer from mobile app
  • Stats And KPI
  • Ethereum wallet
  • Ethereum and XPAT Payments
  • Basic image Loader
  • Local marketplace and product edition
  • Improved Chat system (MATRIX)
  • Support Tickets

Public Beta - Version 0.4

  • Basic Dapp integration (DAO/DBVN/Voting)
  • Chat-Dapp system
  • Multi language support
  • Nation Customizations
  • Passport/ ID request for nations
  • Image Uploader
  • Customized Permission system
  • Overall App improvements based on feedback

Version 1 - Version 1.0

  • Advanced Dapp integration
  • Public API
  • Notary transfer from mobile app w/ improvements
  • Video Loader and Uploader
  • 2 Factor of authentication
  • Bitnation DEX
  • Lucy Reward System
  • Further improvements based on feedback

If you want to help contribute to the development, please ping admins on the Telegram and Discord channel to get started, read the general documentation repository and the new desktop client repository


Why did the focus change to the desktop?

Most importantly, because we don't want to be dependent on the censorships by the iOS and Google Play appstores.

But also because early adopter audiences tend to be tech-savvy/ online worker people who use laptops for work, and prefer that as a means to interact with more complex applications.

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