Capital outflow from BitMEX in July exceeded $500 million

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"The total capital outflow from BitMEX in July was $524 million, a value that has never exceeded $100 million in one month," Twitter Ceteris Paribus user notes.

The total inflow of funds at BitMEX in 2018 was $1.3 billion. The amount of capital inflows during each month exceeded the outflow, despite the bearish market sentiment at the time.

In July, Bloomberg announced an investigation allegedly initiated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) into BitMEX due to the presence of U.S. users on the platform. Although the amount of information available on this topic is limited, many major traders seem to have decided not to tempt fate.

During the first days of August, the situation began to improve and the volume of deposits again began to exceed the amount of funds leaving the exchange.

Seems money started to move, what do you think is it good or bad?

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