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I am a day trader, I trade the cryptocurrency market.

To begin from where i started it was almost a year and two months back when i started my research about the art of technical analysis and trading markets. Before that i was just fascinated by the idea of an alternate currency that was completely void of the government, when i learnt i can trade the crypto market i felt like i was just few days shorter to my goal of being rich as fuck, well little did i know that i was gonna get REKT!!


So i started trading it was awesome i bought some litecoin and sold it with like 50% profit i was on the moon, I felt like i had figured it all out. I learnt more , more about candlesticks, patterns and waves. I had more money than i started with and but the one thing i didnt notice was that i spent almost 8 months just studying and researching. By this time i was trading in binance and had a bot running, my account was very very small, collectively it was around 300$. i thought i was going slow i need to go faster and my greedy ass signed up on BITMEX. The next thing you know damn i can trade with 100 times of what i really have i thought that was dope.


"Hey, people are selling their house to get into crypto why shouldn't i sell my bike, it's just a bike right?" so i sold my bike bought bitcoin and started trading in bitmex. A month goes by i made 500$(it's a small amount depending on whichever country you are reading this from but this is a huge amount where i live) and next thing i know i was joining in telegram groups just to boast about my trading skills without knowing the fact that i was smaller than a minnow in the ocean of whales and sharks. I wanted higher rewards so i raised my risk tolerance bar so high that there was no stop-limit placed and i got liquidated in matter of few seconds all my money was gone just like that!


I looked at my account and the balance stating "0" i was devastated but i was strong stronger than anyone you knew stronger than the Rock's smolder so i stood up went to my bedroom and cried my fucking eyes out. Well the harm's done life has to move on so i was back on my binance account and transferred my funds from binance to bitmex yet again and next thing you know bitcoin broke 5800 level and went down. I was more determined than ever i kept trading and faced my streak of losses so i decided i want a break.

coming to present day i am left less than 0.1 btc in bitmex and am gonna start trading again from 07/03/2019, but this time i am posting them here so i stay more committed to it. I will post my trades here with the reason why am taking them and the reason why it did or did not go as planned.

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